Samuel Morse
Revolutionized communication by developing a system of sending messages using electronic signals.
Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama
These eight states were admitted to the United States between 1792-1819.
Missouri Compromise
1. Missouri is admitted as a slave state; Maine is admitted as a free state. 2. Slavery is prevented in Louisiana Territory north of the southern border of Missouri. 3. Slave owners are allowed to pursue escaped slaves that flee North.
Area of U.S. where the Industrial Revolution mainly took place.
Cotton Gin and System of Interchangeable Parts
Two inventions by Eli Whitney
Facts about Immigration between 1820-1850`
1. German immigrants moved west and settled in the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes Region. 2. Irish immigrants arrived due to European famine. 3. Immigrants settled mainly in cities. 4. The religion of the new immigrants caused some Americans to turn against them.
Robert Fulton
Invented the steamboat
Facts about invention of cotton gin
1. Made production of cotton 50 times faster. 2. Increased the value of slaves. 3. Improved the process of removing cotton fiber. 4. Helped produce the plantation system in the South.
Francis Cabot Lowell
Factory owner who developed system of building mills where spinning and weaving happen in the same building.
Samuel Slater
Credited for beginning the Industrial Revolution in the U.S.
Conditions in northern factories
1. Workers worked long hours for little pay. 2. Factories were dangerous. 3. Children and women often did dangerous work. 4. Factories were dark and workers had little rights.
Results of Industrial Revolution
1. Growth of cities. 2. Increased wealth 3. Improved technologies and better transportation. 4. Fewer people working on farms.
Roads built by private companies as a means of making money.
factory system
bringing the workers and machines together in one place to work.
Results of the mechanical reaper
1. Farm labor is replaced by machines. 2. More people move to cities to work in factories.
Nat Turner
led a slave revolt in 1831.
Erie Canal
1. Connected Hudson River to Lake Erie 2. Paid for itself within 2 years. 3. Led to New York becoming the richest city in the nation.
Henry Clay
proposed the Missouri Compromise
interchangeable parts
identical pieces that could be assembled quickly by unskilled workers
people who invest capital or money in a business to make a profit.