Why did Muhammad and his followers go on the Hijra? How did this affect the spread of Islam?
-got death threats in Mecca -affected because Muhammad taught along the way
How have the teachings and practices of Islam helped to create a sense of community among Muslims who have never met and live in different parts of the world?
-Giving charity to the poor-give back to community -know Arabic-interact with people -a must for Muslims to go on hajj/Kaaba very important place
How did the Umayyad caliphate treat non-Muslims in conquered lands?
-gave special taxes on non-Muslims-not convert people to Islam -allowed non-Muslims to practice their faith -many Jews and Christians played key roles -tolerant so they practiced their faith
How did the Quran influence Islamic art
-calligraphy on Muslim buildings -banned worship of idols
Describe the centers of learning in the Muslim world. How did Islam influence the development of the centers?
-able to learn math, medicine, and philosophy -had to know how to read and write Arabic even though Muhammad did not know