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We live in the information age when almost everything can be found online. It is an incredible advantage for students because there is no more need to flip through multiple books in the library to find the necessary data. You can simply find what you need online without having to make great efforts. However, have you thought about how many people search the same information on the Internet to include it in their essays? And here is where the problems arise: they include plagiarism, cheating, lack of personal approach to the writing, small percentage of authenticity. Do you remember how your teachers scared you with those words as a reason of your failing the whole course? Before you begin to panic, let us tell you how we can alleviate these problems common for students.

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Free Plagiarism Checker for Students

The aim of our service is to help students overpower the fear of plagiarism. We understand how challenging is the task to create entirely unique content. Students use Internet resources and it sometimes negatively influences the quality of their papers. Let’s clarify which are the common reasons for this:

  • the information is directly copied from the Internet;
  • the sentences are not paraphrased well;
  • students forget to include references to the quotes;
  • students’ own words coincide with those sentences which are already posted on the websites;
  • students use only one Internet source.

You may be surprised that all those abovementioned mistakes can be identified by our online plagiarism checker free for use. The up-to-date technologies examine your texts as fast as lighting, and the result is delivered at once. By using our free online plagiarism checker, you can anticipate the mistakes which your teachers may notice after you have handed in the paper. Be smart and circumspect – use our article checker before your teachers do this for you to cut off your final grade.

Using Our Service is Easy


All you have to do is devote from 5 to 10 minutes of your time to using the plagiarism detector. You can either download the files or copy and paste the text in the separate box. Click to start checking and wait for a couple of minutes. The time depends on the number of words in the essay. If it is short, the checking will take less than a minute. After the system has examined your document, you can look at the result, which is shown in the percentage form. If the detector has found similar sentences or word combinations on other sites, you will get direct links to them. We understand that sometimes students include direct quotations into their work, and these quotations shouldn’t be treated as plagiarism because their credible source is included in the works cited page. In order to avoid false results, you can try an option of ignoring several URL addresses. All you have to do is add the websites, which you think should be excluded from the searches, and they will not be taken into account for the final authenticity rate.

Values of Our Service

Speed and Quality have always been the core values of our company. We have done a lot of work in order to optimize the time that our plagiarism checker free needs to examine texts of average length and do this correctly. Our team at consists of professionals who are the best in the business. They know all the ins and outs of how the plagiarism checker should work. We stick to the Olympic Games motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius” meaning “Faster, Higher, Stronger.” Although we are not involved in sports, for us it is always a competition to make our service the best among others.

  • Faster ­­– We use the latest technologies, which are proven to be the quickest and the most efficient. Our detectors scan millions of online sites, texts, and articles to spot exactly copied or similar sentences that appear in the essay under investigation.
  • Higher – We evaluate the results of our work and put higher standards every time we reach the assigned goal. We never stop developing because perpetual progress is the key to success.
  • Stronger – We make strong efforts to improve the quality of the service every day. We keep track of any technological developments in order to make our plagiarism detector function error-free, like clockwork.

Understanding the Advantages of Our Service

By using our service, you will never have to be afraid of plagiarism, and the teachers will never call you a copycat or a cheater. We guarantee that your paper will be examined thoroughly and no copied words will be left unnoticed. Our detectors sail through the whole World Wide Web to help you spot the plagiarism and get rid of it. Enjoy the advantages of using our anti-plagiarism service to make your essays 100% original. will help you become a straight A student!

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