Shanty Town Kid author
Azouz Begag
shanty town kid setting
lyon, second largest french city, 1960s
Azouz Begag's parents born in
word used to identify 2nd gen north africans
STK, mother of the author
STK, father of the author, wants to stay in Le Chaab
Monsieur Loubon
STKteacher from same country, kind and gives him attention
Monsieur Grande
STKschoolmaster at old school, gives him money when selling flowers
Old Ma Louise
STK, old lady in Le Chaab who invites people over for treats
STK azouz brother
STK azouz little sister
STK bully in school mean to jean marc
STK Author's aunt, sometimes crazy, comes over to see their new apartment
STK Summary
mom wants him to stay in town dad wants school, arabs vs french in school. after sheep zidouma and bouchaoui move to lyon, lemma and bouzid follow, have to leave apt move to projects
France's blacks stand up to be counted
Susan Sachs
France's blacks stand up summary
wants france to see him as black citizen, be more represented in the government
Little Jerusalem Summary
Laura lives w Mathilde loves Djamel but he's Muslim she's Jewish Laura doesn't go to Israel with them
LJ main character lives with Mathilde teaches class loves philosophy doesn't believe in love loves Djamel doesn't go to israel w them
LJ Mathilde's husband cheats on her wants to go to Israel mean
LJ Laura's sister, Ariel's husband. Super upset bc cheating, goes to doctor for it
LJ always calls her
LJ man who laura loves but is muslim parents hate her they break up she tries to kill herself bc of it
Tomboy Author
Nina Bouraoui
Tomboy Summary
Nina alter ego Amine struggles w keeping him suppressed projects boyism on Amine, go to france, struggle identity, suppresses ahmed becomes happy in rome she and amine no longer friends
Nina nationalities
TB french and algerian
TB what her dad calls her, boy name
TB nina's best friend/alter ego, also had french and half algerian, mom is afraid he will be gay, loses touch w nina
Nina's blue eyed blonde friend, real African foreigner
Maryvonne and Rachid
TB nina's parents
TB nina's sister
Sexuality in Tomboy
guy tries to kidnap her by orange trees, men eye her
Gender in TOmboy
girl identifies as a boy is confused
Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow author
Faiza Guene
paradise estate
KKT narrator, young teen lives w mom in apt, sees various people
KKT name for dad, wanted a boy
KKT name for doria's mom
mme duwhatsit
KKT name for social worker who comes over
mme burlaud
KKT psychologist who Doria sees
KKT pothead in apt complex eventually settles down
KKT mom who Doria babysits for, ex husband left her, settles down w hamoudi. daughter sarah
KKT mom all over him, thinks he's the smartest..

doria thinks he's a loser. he kisses her without asking, turn out ok at the end

cyborg services
KKT replaces social worker, robotic lady
fatma, mamadou, pingpong
KKT what people call arabs, blacks, asians respectively
Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow SUmmary
doria lives with her mom, no friends, works for lila, goes to hair school, nabil kisses her again no more kiffe kiffe tomorrow
Muslim girls and the other france
muslims made enemy number one, muslim synonymous w magreb arabs, france not color blind
Smile author
Paul Smail
S main character of smile
S brother of paul, works in peep show, dies
Paul's two jobs
S pizza delivery man and bookstore worker
Le modern
S sketchy motel where people can rent rooms by the hour
mrs moirot
S owns bookstore, employees call her a fascist
S owns le modern, always makes sure condoms are stocked, dresses like american pimp
S co-worker at bookstore, date for a while, meets jewish parents doesn't really work out
mr luis
S owns boxing gym tells him he can take a punch
S daniel's horrible boyfriend pimp
Smile Summary
paul goes to mr luis gym gets beaten up at hs dad police, get thrown off nudist beach, delivers pizza to mrs moriot, visits mr hamel, brother dies kurt isn't there
azouz began of imposture and incompetence
wrecks paul smail's smile, says he's a phony
tribal scars author
sembene ousmane
tribal scars summary
diouana goes to paris w family hates it ppl are so rude kills herself
princes and powers james balwdisn
not equal
equal in paris james baldwin
he gets thrown in prison for stealing a hotel sheet prison stinks gets out after chirstmas