UGA was chartered in...
Classes began at UGA in.


UGA graduated its first class in...
Who was the UGA student from Florida who originated the tradition of not walking under the Arch until graduation?
Daniel Redfearn
Who are the Holmes-Hunter Building named for?
UGA alumni Hamilton Holmes and Charlayne Hunter-Gault, the 2 students who integrates UGA with their enrollment in 1961.

What was the Administration Building originally build for?
To serve as the library
What is the oldest building on campus?
Old College in 1806
What was the original name of UGA, and who was it named for?
Franklin College, named for Benjamin Franklin. Today, the Dean of the Franklin College has his office in Old College.
What did the late Dean Rusk do?
Joined the UGA Law faculty, served as the U.S. Secretary of State during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations
How many colleges and schools make up UGA today?
What do the pillars of the Arch stand for?
wisdom, justice, and moderation
How many buildings are on the UGA main campus?
more than 380
How many acres is UGA's main campus? How many acres does UGA have across the state?
759 acres on main campus; 42,010 acres across the state
What is UGA's approximate annual operating budget?
$1.48 billion
What percent of UGA students are not GA residents? What parts of the nation/world do they represent?
18%, all 50 states, and more than 120 nations
What percent of UGA students report an ethnic origin other than white/Caucasian?
How many residence halls are on campus? How many undergraduates live in a residence hall?
22 residence halls, approximately 7,600 UGA undergraduates live on campus
What are the five dining commons?
Bolton, Snelling, the Village Summit, Oglethorpe House, and the Niche
What is the official UGA motto?
"To teach, to serve, and to inquire into the nature of things" *It's in big, gold letters above the VC info desk*
Who is the Zell B.

Miller Learning Center named for?

Zell Miller, former UGA professor and Georgia governor, and former U.S. Senator. His most significant accomplishment was the creation of Georgia's H.O.P.

E. scholarship program.

What percent of undergraduates are involved in Greek social organizations?
How many student organizations are registered at UGA?
more than 600
How many living UGA alumni are there?
more than 288,000
How many volumes are in the UGA libraries?
4 million volumes and 6 million microform units
What is the painting inside of the chapel?
Largest framed oil painting in the world of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, Italy
What is UGA's estimated annual cost of attendance for residents?
What is UGA's estimated annual cost of attendance for non-residents?
How many weekday bus routes does UGA Campus Transit offer?
Who is the Tate Center named for?
William Tate, long-time dean of men, who retired in the 1970s
What is the most common crime reported on campus?
minor theft of property, accounting for more than 1/3 of all crimes
Where is the College of Family & Consumer Sciences located?
Dawson Hall
What residence hall has language communities, where students are expected to speak nothing other than French or Spanish when in the dorm?
Mary Lyndon Hall
What was the first dining hall to offer 24-hour service?
Snelling Dining Commons
When is the Georgia Museum of Art open?
Open to the public everyday, except Mondays
Who is the Joe Frank Harris Commons named for?
a Cartersville, GA native and UGA alumnus who served as Georgia's governor in the 1980s
Where is the Graduate School main office located?
first floor of Terrell Hall, the same building where Undergraduate Admissions is located
How many veterinary colleges are in the U.S?
What states have resident status when applying to UGA's College of Veterinary Medicine?
South Carolina, Georgia, and Delaware
How many varsity sports (and specify genders) are offered at UGA?
21 varsity sports - 9 men's teams, 12 women's teams
As of Fall 2015, how many UGA teams have won national championships?
What happened to the Hedges prior to the 1996 Olympic Games?
The hedges were removed from the field in Sanford Stadium prior to the games.

Clippings of the original hedges were taken and sons and daughters of the hedges were replanted prior to the 1996 football season.

What happened in UGA's first football game?
Played on Herty Field in 1892 against Mercer University, where UGA won 50-0.
What is Sanford Stadium's seating capacity?
Where is Georgia's average annual attendance for football games placed?
Top 10 nationally for 23 consecutive seasons
What happened at UGA's first game in Sanford Stadium?
Played Yale, which UGA won 15-0
What two UGA football players have won the Heisman Trophy?
Frank Sinkwich (1942) and Herschel Walker (1982)
What was UGA's first football mascot?
a goat
What is the VC's phone number?
706-542-0UGA (0842)
Is there an apostrophe in the VCs name?
NO! Visitors Center
How many passenger seats are on each VC mini-bus?
What are the keychains for each mini-bus?
The newer has a gas engine and a football keychain. The older has a diesel engine and a basketball keychain.

What exit if the VC off of the Athens Perimeter?
#7, College Station Rd.
When the VC charters UGA buses, how many seats are allotted?
What building is the UGA Visitors Center in? When did it open? Who was the founding director?
Four Towers Building, 1996, Ms. Fran Lane (retired in 2007)
What is the VC website?
Who should group tour requests be directed to?

Natalie or Ms. Terri

How early should the VC slide show be put on the in the presentation room before each tour?
45-60 min
What are the tour times on weekdays?
8:30a.m., 12p.m., and 3:30p.m.
What are the tour times on select Saturdays?
10:00am and 1:30pm
What is the VC street address for GPS purposes only?
405 College Station Road
What is the VC mailing address?
Four Towers Building, Athens, 30602
When is the Admissions Office open to visitors?
9am-4pm on weekdays
When should the walking portions of the 3 daily tours end at the Tate bus stop?
9:45am, 1:15pm, 4:45pm
What is the approximate population of Athens, including UGA students?