Which substance is not an opiod
What is it called when a person has unpleasant and potentially dangerous symptoms when they suddenly stop taking a substance
What is it called when a person needs increasing doses of a substance to produce the desired effect
After alcohol and cigarettes, teenagers who were polled reported that _ is the easiest substance to get ahold of
In the reward-_ syndrome model of substance addiction, it is hypothesized that the reward center of the brain is not adequately stimulated by usual activities, so the individual turns to drugs to stimulate this pleasure pathway
The popular club drug Ecstasy is technically a _ but is categorized as an _ because of the majority of the effects that it causes
Stimulant; hallucinogen
Which approach to treating substance-related disorders has not been found to be particularly effective, especially if it is the only treatment used
Psychodynamic therapies
Which substance is not among the most widely used depressants
It is estimated that approximately _ percent of teenagers and college students suffer from gambling disorder
3 to 10 %
The most powerful form of drug in the cannabis family is
The ingestion of methamphetamine does not increase the activity of which neurotransmitter
Daytop Village and Phoenix House are two examples of
Therapeutic communities
Ron is receiving treatment for a cocaine addiction. Each time he submits a drug free urine specimen, he is given some sort of prize that is valuable to him. This type of behavioral treatment is called:
Contingency Management
The ratio of men to women with the diagnosis of alcohol use disorder is:
Which personality trait has been conclusively linked to a majority of substance related disorders
No one personality trait or group of traits has been conclusively linked to substance use disorders
Researchers focusing on Internet use as a disorder are especially interested in internet _
What is the most common method of ingesting amphetamines
Taken in pill or capsule form
One research study found that a recovered heroin abuser experienced nausea and withdrawal symptoms when he returned to the neighborhood where he had previously used heroin experienced withdrawal effects. This research supports the idea that _ may be a significant factor in the development and maintenance of substance addiction
Classical conditioning
Which substance is not the example of a stimulant
The DSM-5 listing of gambling disorder suggests that people may become addicted to _ beyond substance use
Behaviors and activities
Opioid disorder can be developed after taking an opioid such as heroin for just a
Few weeks
Biological research into the cause of substance related disorders has found an abnormal form of the so-called dopamine-2 (D2) _ gene in a majority of research participants who suffered from addictions
The ingestion of alcohol during pregnancy is related to a birth condition called fetal alcohol syndrome, which does not include which symptom
Premature birth
In 1938, Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman derived a hallucinogenic drug from a group of naturally occurring drugs called ergot alkaloids. That drug is:
The greatest danger of cocaine use is
What percent of the world's population consumes the stimulant caffeine daily
Almost 6 percent of all persons over the age of 11 have used this stimulant, nicknamed crank, at least once
Which type of substance slows down the activity of the central nervous system
The use of LSD may produce an effect called _, which causes a crossing of sensory experiences; for example, a person may hear colors or see sounds
One manner in which cocaine is ingested is through _, which is a technique in which the pure cocaine basic alkaloid is chemically separated from processed cocaine, vaporized with a flame, and inhaled through a pipe
What drug might you use to detox from alcohol
Researchers have identified a neurotransmitter called _ that works like THC.

Excessive use of marijuana has been shown to reduce the production of this neurotransmitter

Of those who receive treatment for substance use disorders, the highest numbers receive treatment at
A self-help group
Around _ percent of all college campus arrests are related to alcohol use
The case in which, under the influence of two drugs, one drug multiplies the effect of the other, is called a _ effect
Studies have suggested that _ percent of those who use one illegal drug are also using another illegal drug to some extent
According to studies exploring the relationship between alcohol abuse and race/ethnicity, _ consistently display the highest rates of alcohol abuse and dependence
American Indians
One manner in which