The five components of IS are: 1.

People 2. Hardware 3. Software 4. Data 5. Network These are the essential problems that Sonic needs to address while developing a strong IS.

They need to ensure that they have the right people for the job e, people who know something about the system.The database has to be built and the right footwear and hardware has to be used with the help of network to connect their various outlets. The accurate knowledge about the Inventory, demand and supply needs to be established. Q. What kind so business applications are key for Sonic foods, which they must address on priority basis while implementing MIS systems? NAS: Various applications like Transaction processing, Decision support systems, Inventory management, Database management have to be addressed on priority basis.

Q. Do they need to implement ERP system? If yes, what applications must be integrated into the ERP system and at what level? NAS: Yes they need to implement ERP system. They have to Integrate the Inventory level, the packaging details, supply chains, order details, order processing status, delivery status, data exchange details. Time required for delivery, manufacturing of an order, domestic and export transactions details. All these have to be integrated at a primary level so that an effective IS can be developed.

Q. Why did the company create a web-based model? What benefit did they perceive with this model? Will it be more BIB or ICC? NAS: Company created a web based model initially to computerize stores record in the factory. Then they installed web based systems In production, dispatch and sourcing. Web server was used to manage emails. They used dial up lines for malls through each server. Consolidation of data was the major challenge.

The benefits were not much but it did help them reduce the losses to an extent.Their model would be more of BIB rather than BBC. Q. Create an IS plan for Sonic Foods? NAS: An IS would have 5 principle components: 2. Software 3.

Hardware With respect to Sonic an IS would require following requirements: Sonic will have to intake skilled labors that have adequate knowledge in IT applications. The ERP system should be Implemented with necessary hardware Like advanced processors to be integrated. A solid network would ensure that the database is shared effectively. Data redundancy will be reduced with effective implementation of ERP.