Information system to be precise is the link between today's business and the computer field in order to facilitate the companies work and accelerate the growing process off particular business. Information systems integrate both the information and technologies to serve the business of the companies and the customers at the name time. Take for Instance, the online based businesses where we can find multiple choices to choose from and shop from the comfort of our own houses.

The process of procuring things online Is much easier than the olden days and the Information systems these days are totally responsible of maintaining a good website functions to purchase from, create the weapon were we can select our desired items, and surf throughout the different sections of the website to see the offers, sales, items and provides consumers with fast alternatives and link that with the hipping process, shipment details and code to track, payment etc. Information technology on the other hand are the tangible tools that are utilized in the systems and the most well known term to describe the whole industry by people.Information technologies will always lie under the information systems. IT will always deal with the information I.

E. Computing and telecommunication which are the main functions (1 Information technology is a vital component In the business industry and work harmoniously with the Information systems to achieve the objectives of the different organizations and go forward with their goals. Information systems are essentials to pass information throughout the whole organization functions uninterruptedly. First and foremost.The sales and marketing information system were it greatly assists to identify the consumers with the products and services of a particular field, enhance the quality of the services and products to measure up with customer expectations, provide good customer services and support and Identify the needs of the customers for better sales outcomes and growth. Resource information system ( HEIRS) referred to the process of gathering information bout the employees and applicant and store them in a database to retrieve information where needed for the organization (HER) purposes.

HEIRS) encompass many vital roles such as the Payroll Work time Appraisal performance Recruiting Career development Performance record Employee self service etc (2) The Finance and accounting were stakeholders implement the accounting information system (AS) which is the process of storing all the financial data in conjunction with the information technology to produce statistical reports and numeric data as well as the accounting activities for the organization, budgeting, and rack the fund flows.The production and manufacturing information system which is required to improve production efficiency and is responsible of managing the flow of the products, providing information for planning and product improvement for better results. Q. Organizations, information systems, and business processes are interrelated.

Discuss this statement. Organizations, information systems and business processes are the most crucial enablers of the organization growth and works harmoniously in processes there are three types which are the management, operational and supporting processes.Business processes are directly related to the information systems as any changes in the organizations and the business processing needs a drastic change in the information systems. (4) For information systems it provides the organizations with the required resources and information to function properly.

Information system in any organization should be built upon different factors that shape the exact needed system like the structure, environment and business process.Take for example: Information system gives the managers all the information to make the right decisions and enhance the business processes. Information system is fundamentally important in the operational business processes I. E. The IS facilitate the process of purchasing for instance which is a part of the operational processes, without information systems there will be no exchange of money and goods which will basically lead to the company's bankrupt.

Information systems has been automated through the past fleeting years for example a couple of years ago clerks in any store department had to enter the codes of a particular item and type the numbers in a sequence manner to calculate the price, nowadays all they have to do is to pass the odds through a laser scanner which will estimate everything all at once. The latter example shows how information system supports good customer service.How to implement a base of excellent information system will inevitably support the business process in the various organizations. Q. Distinguish between Management information systems (MIS) and Decision support systems (ADS) and what are the relationships among these systems.

MIS Management information system (MIS) provides information which is needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively and the interface between information technology and people (4). There than dealing with a plethora of mixed information that may result in utter confusion (MIS) collect and manage all the required data and all the up- to -date information to produce comprehensible reports for the middle managers and give them the external information they need to know the market in terms of the price and products which will eventually lead to better decision making.MIS assisted the business world to process the transactions, getting information for the sought people at the right time. The volume of information MIS provides for companies, banks and the different industries is huge ND MIS can be heavily relied on in the business industry as it can control massive example, the credit card transactions and the customer service as people no longer compelled to wait in queues at the bank to but head to the nearest ATM machines and finish in no time.Another example, when applying for Jobs people now can apply thought electronic application machines that process their applications and store their information to collect and maintain data in a very organized approach. ADS A decision support system (ADS) is a computer-based information system that supports business or organizational decision-making activities.

ADS may offer information about current assets, comparative sales figures, revenues figures and the side effects of alternative decisions (5).The relationship between MIS and ADS ADS is basically a part under the MIS, as it only concerned with collecting data and solutions for decision makers. While MIS on the other hand generates the imperative and general summaries and reports for the management level. The common relation is that ADS will always get some information from the MIS . Both of them are great source of data in the information systems and lead to operational excellence and competitive advantage.

Q. You are starting a small company selling Books.Given your type of services (hand-delivering packages within a small geographical area), what would make your business an 'e-business? Embarking on an online business venture is considerably important these days considering the high costs of maintaining the companies worldwide. E- Business becomes cheaper, faster and if I were to transfer my books company into an e- make sure to launch a website and a company domain name that is easy and memorable and includes every aspect of my business in organized layouts.Furthermore, making a detailed catalogue of my products and latest books, orders disagrees with an e-payment methods like credit cards or electronic checks and make sure that security systems is provided to prevent spam's and hackers as the latter may destroy the company reputation in no time. For an e business I should be having a database to sort out the company transactions, the customer's information and orders, to help tracking their shipments via specific codes, organize the orders based on the geographical areas I.

. If I were to ship books to Dubbed I will make sure to ship all the orders to the same place at the same day to cut the delivering costs. On the other hand, to be always legally safe is it important to have licenses to that permit me to carry on with my business processes. Marketing always take place to promote the products and books of the company so making sure to make advertisement in every way possible is business-wise and via all the social networks news spread like wildfire take for instance twitter, backbone etc.Marketing like pop ups advertisements or emails, or making contacts via backbone to market my books are great ideas to expand my business internationally. Finally, I believe that feedback ill always be of help and guide me toward better customer service and better decision making so I won't omit the reviews coming from different perspectives and will include a category for feedback and online communication.