In this report comprehensive analysis of the information systems used in business by Enkay Enterprises has performed. Enkay Enterprises are well-known suppliers of vegetable and fruits from small restaurants to five star hotels and canteens of huge organizations. Firstly information system requirement are analyzed for each of the decision making levels and then suitability of the information system is determined and discussed with help of companies daily work process and information system used by Enkay. Also the security steps of the information systems employed by the company are examined and also suitability of Cloud Computing to Enkay Enterpises is introduced.

After examination of the report it is recommended that the revising the information system is necessary to accomplish the desired targets of the company. The information system used is very simple and there is no integration with every level of decision making. Also it is noticed proper steps are not employed for appropriate security for the sensitive data of the company. Supply chain is very competitive industry and it is policy of the company not to reveal information related to its practices which may harm the business. As a result, the information and facts provided in the report may possibly be partial considering that some of the data is not shared.IntroductionInformation system in an enterprise delivers process and information beneficial and useful to its people and clients.

The information system of an company will be essential to support it analyze and evaluate the business, along with its environment, and come up with and check that it accomplishes its goal. The traditional business world is changing as improvements and innovations constant flow of information technology. It may sound very uncommon now to perform, work and carry out our daily work without using Information System. In this report we will analyze the present Information System used by Enkay Enterprises and then critically evaluate its suitability and recommend latest technology which can helpful for them to improve the quality and productivity of work.TASK A - The Information System Requirements for Enkay Enterprises at Each of the Decision Making Levels.Since it became technological managing enterprise businesses has always been a concern for Businessman.

Today both the academics and enterprise worlds accept that there is a need to adopt a more alternative view of these various operations in order to take into account how they interrelate and have interaction with one another.Companies preferred to sense and respond to rapidly transforming customer demand, lessen inventories to the most affordable feasible levels, and attain higher levels of functional productivity. Supply chains have become more fast-paced, with companies of all sizes based upon on just-in-time inventory to lessen their overhead expenditures and get to market place faster. Listed below is decision making levels in an organization and recommended information systems at each of them to support the major business functions for Enkay Enterprises:Strategic Level: Strategies are developed by means of realistic and analytic processes, directed generally by management administrators. Strategy planning is one of the crucial issues for the long term objectives of organization.

All entrepreneurs and top level administrators should be able to evaluate their businesses method with a 'strategy statement', to get a the essential desired goals that business seeks, which generally draw on the companies stated mission, vision and objectives; the scope of the company’s activities; and the specific functionality it has to provide all of these.To obtain desired goals information systems have a set of features or elements that have interaction with help of process. The features themselves ascertain how the process works. A system processes the input to produce the outputs as it has inputs, processing mechanism, outputs and feedback.Type of Information System: Executive Support System (ESS) Executive Support System (ESS) is software system that facilitates to get described reports which enables you to transform your business's data.

These reports are usually used by Directors, CEO and management level managers for immediate accessibility to records which come from all company levels and business units such as accounting, operational, scheduling, and etc.Recommended Information System for Enkay Enterprises: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - To attain analysis of the Company and its Marketplace. - Collects Data to develop progressive decisions. Benefits of (ERP) for Enkay Enterprises: - To attain analysis of the Company and its Marketplace. - Strengthen administration control and determination to the business at all stages - Collects Data to improve decisions and activities, trends and events, and success. (Sources, in-house and published, can contain any saved records: annual reports, inventories, data files, personal records, plans, company guides, stock records, deeds and etc.

) - Also collects all available reports and analyses of considerable decisions and difficulties. - Plots across the whole period of the study, particularly relevant to the key strategy and end result areas. Output from System: Chronological detailing of choices and actions by tactic, final results, events and trends with the help of graphs.Tactical Level: This level of Information system monitors effective or efficient usage of resources and performance of operational unit by using high volume data input and getting summary reports as output.

By financial records of spent IT investments and implementation of business-irrelevant software are very rampant, despite of large "strategic" IT plans, alignment at the tactical level indicates absence, that is, lack of execution-level operations addressing problems of resources, targets and implementation-priority matching, between Information System and the business. Type of Information System: Management Information System (MIS) Competitive intelligence remains to be a demanding business process for numerous sales people, which present tiny or no immediate value to them. Formulation of reasonably competitive intellect has been limited to the organizational level, and thus delivers minimal groundwork for inspections focused at the salesperson level, suggests extensive literature review. Recommended Information System for Enkay Enterprises: WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Benefits of WebFOCUS Business Intelligence for Enkay Enterprises: - A distinctive view of important indications and business results are explained to executives and managers by use of Dashboards and scorecards. - WebFOCUS is integrated with desktop products such as Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF for easy access to work with data in their chosen formats.

- Real-time notifications, fully automates the scheduling and delivery of essential data by using Dynamic report distribution.Knowledge Level: Facilitates to review new strategies for goods products and services, tactics to converse and strategies to distribute information and facts of business. For obtaining beneficial final results and outputs, knowledge level personnel carry out important roles, by maintaining the company’s present knowledge as it builds up in the external world and by providing as internal specialist about the areas of the information and knowledge. Type of Information System: Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) This information system is used by present staff members to gain knowledge in their domains and same is embraced by the other staff to obtain the information and to enhance the good quality and swiftness of operations.Information System Recommended: E-Learning ResourcesBenefits of E-Learning Resources for Enkay Enterprises: - Support to each member of staff to be qualified and expert in his role. - Support to employees to do innovative things, which we will carry their interest into get the job done.

- Every person will be blended knowledgeable in other operations to be done in company as well.Operational Level: This level can help determine how to accomplish certain responsibilities set by help of tactical and middle-management decision makers. To avoid an imbalance in between the two the strategic level and manufacturing floor operational level which can have an effect the overall performance of the production organization. For avoidance of such imbalance on performance of company and for demand completion capability, we develop a logical term of the effect. Type of Information System: Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) This information system is a fundamental enterprise system which is most appropriate for operation level.

Recommended Information System for Enkay Enterprises: Business Operation Management System: At operational level it is important for purchase managers in warehouse and supply team members to have an understanding of stock and order volumes for the present day. To complete day to day task successfully without errors this system supports all important operations at operational level of the company. Like warehouse management, transport management, quality control and etc these all day to day operations can run smoothly. This system includes functions to guide actual physical actions, including products sales receipt, invoice, gate pass, materials movements, order selection and storage space. Also involves preparation, performing and controlling transport and movements functions.

In business operation management system we can also integrate Human Resource Management that can help ensure the staff members of the company have the essential knowledge and resources in order to meet up with the strategic goals of the company.TASK B - The Information System Suitability and Recommendations As an established company Enkay Enterprises have Information System in use presently.There are two Information System are used in businesses are Tally 6.3 User and Apple 4.

0 Veg bazaar (Customized software by ORNET Technologies Pvt Ltd), which is at end of their lives and unsupported for several years now, even customer support is no longer available for them for the Information system which is used by Enaky Enterprises. Tally 6.3 user is mainly focusing on payments and processing of financial transactions of the company and these systems are neither completely integrated nor do all staff members have equal access to all type of information and facts.Existing Information Systems at Enkay Enterprises: Strategic Level: Apple 4.0 Veg Bazaar (Customized software by ORNET Technologies Pvt.

Ltd) Information System Suitability: This is very basic level ERP system currently being used for various operations in Enkay enterprises. The information system delivers the information and facts in the companies’ day to day operations like purchasing, sale, monitoring, and other activities. This information system effectively facilitates Enkay Enterprises for decision making in all level of enterprise. Information System Recommendation and Justification: To stay ahead of time of significantly tough competitiveness and to produce this year's outcomes.

Company has to integrate the new version of ERP software program for main functional areas of the business for improved outcomes with reliable and user friendly solutions. Sharing data between functional areas effectively and efficiently can lead company to more powerful enterprise process. The new ERP system should be developed by considering the new plans and techniques so that decision making levels and functional areas of company can share data. This new information system can be true integrated information system.

Tactical Level: At present company has same Information system for this level as well which is being used by strategic level of the company Apple 4.0 Veg Bazaar. Information System Recommendation and justification: There us need of Business Intelligence software at this decision making level of Company as Business intelligence (BI) refers to computer-based system utilized in recognizing, and inspecting enterprise information, such as profits, income by goods and business units or involved costs and incomes. This can support employees in this level to recognize large volume of data and take suitable decisions.

With help of relational database management system (RDBMS) from business intelligence software program sharing data across company and the ability to incorporate data from various resources and departments can be obtained. In this way it is possible to analyze the stock options of goods can be enhanced and dropped by examining stock level on frequent time periods.Operational Level: Enkay Enterprises is managing the operations at this level by using Tally 6.3 User for data analysis, auditing and financial statements.

Email and intercom facility is used for internal transfer of information and communication as well as to communicate with clients, vendors, and suppliers.Information System Recommendation and Justification:Business Operation Management System can be effective and beneficial to manage all the functions at operational level. The system can integrate with all information systems currently being used in the Company and also can help for smooth operations of supply chain, warehouse management, inventory control and other. For identification of training requirements and generating information of staff members for government agencies, information and facts for recruiting and selection, and more innovative and progressive foretelling of models for labor force planning Human Resource Management System database can be used. We can use these HRM database by generating information with use of business operation management system.TASK C – Information System Security.

Below is the list of Software and Hardware systems used at Enkay Enterprises: Software System : Windows Server 2003, Tally 6.3 User and Apple 4.0 Veg bazaar Hardware System : IBM System x3500 M4 Company is using antivirus for security measures for server and desktop computers. Vital area of concern for every small business is security of important data like Clients information, tenders, quotations and other imp documents of the Company.Security Measures Recommendation and Justification:Use of strong Password for every Server System Login.

The simplest thing you can do to enhance protection of Data and security is by applying strong password to it. By issuing various security passwords to staff members dependent on their position and work they carried out, access to the information system of company can be separated. Developing use of encryption tactics, with the use of contemporary encrypted shield encrypted information are unreadable and of not worth to data intruder. By using back up techniques company can avoid the consequences of data loss like monetary loss, extra stock trading expenditures and other. Use of tracking tool for data-leakage protection, which should be placed up at key system to look for particular data coming out within the network of company.

TASK D – Suitability of Cloud Computing.Traditional computing model at Enkay Enterprises:The above traditional computing model can contain hefty expenditure of software, hardware, network, telecommunications, and security system. Cloud Computing ModelCloud symbol is often been used for showing Internet cloud hosting. The cloud relates to an online computer structure which provides online information and resources such as software, data storage, processing power and intelligence.Suitability of Cloud Computing for Enkay Enterprises:1. Safety measures and Security2.

Level of Privacy3. Reliability and Consistency4. Cost Effective5. MobilityCloud Computing can be very suitable technology for Enkay Enterprise as it can be achievable to gain access to data and information to staff members every time and where ever they require to access. Also it will enhance the performance working strategy of company as well quality of the work. It will help to minimize cost and maintenance of hardware and other information systems used by company for long term goal.

As it is supply chain sector workers who has gone for any goods distribution or they might perform off site, with help of cloud computing it will easy for them to exchange or retrieve important information regarding goods or service they are providing at clients side. With support of this technology company can also improve the customer service.ConclusionThe existing information system at Enkay Enterprises is very basic level, which definitely need to transform and tailored as per the company requirements. In this report we have mentioned information requirements at each decision making levels and recommended information system at each decision making level.

The information system recommendations will surely support company to accomplish long term goals and to gain industry level success.