The brain of any computing device. Volatile memory- When power goes out, all that was not saved Is lost. Non-volatile - storage that will retain data even when power goes out (hard disc, flash memory, DVD) RAM - Random access Memory- temporary storage that provides fast access or executing computer programs and files.When you "load" or "launch" a program, it usually moves from your hard drive to those RAM chips, where it can be more quickly executed by the processor.

Flash memory - non-volatile, chip based storage often used on cameras, Amp's, mobile phones etc. (equivalent to a hard drive. Solid State electronics - (RAM, microprocessors and flash memory) no moving parts, Seem- conductors - a substance such as silicon dioxide used Inside most computer chips that is capable of enabling as well as inhibiting the flow of electricity).So if someone offers to the semiconductor industry, they are talking about the chip business Price elasticity - consumers buy more products as they become cheaper.

Memory size (KGB, MBA, b... ) k bites, 1 million bites, 1 billion..

. Quantum computing - employ cubits that can be both one and zero at the same time. Add a bit to a quantum computer and Its capacity Increases exponentially. Super computers - Are the fastest computers at the time they are Introduced.

Grid computing ? special software that enables computers to work together on a common problem as if they were a massive supercomputer.E-waste - discarded tech Junk, known as electronic waste Network Effects also known as Metcalf Law or networks externalities. MORE USER-MORE VALUE Staying power - the long term viability of a product or service. The network with the largest number of users have the longer stating power.

Switching costs - Cost consumers Incur when switching from one product to another. Customers who are tied to a company Complimentary benefits - Products or services that add additional value to a network Platforms - Products or services that allows for the integration of other software 'phones, the WI).One-sided markets - a market that derives its value from a single type of user Two-sided markets - network markets comprised of two distinct categories of participant, both of which that are needed to deliver value for the network to work (ex. Video game console owners and the developers of the video game) Monopoly a market where there are many buyers but only one dominant seller Oligopoly- a market dominated by a small number of powerful sellers Envelopment - where a firm seeks to make an existing market a subset of its product offering.

Separate product categories for media players, cameras, gaming devices, phones, and global positioning systems (GAPS) are all starting to merge. Rather than Congestion effects - occur when increasing numbers of users lower the value of a product or service Industry standards - XML Difference between Web 1. 0 and Web 2. 0 sites/services - Peer production Blobs - Online Journals in chronological order. People can comment on your blob.

Short for web log. Macho-blobs - or microbiological, Tweeter. The difference is that you will not know if they see your stuff. A Wick - a Web site anyone can edit directly within a Web browser.Has crowd wisdom as its underlying principle? The roll back feature of a wick page allows: retraction of the wick page to a prior version. Mainstream media Social media Most popular platform for blobs Symmetrical & Asymmetrical following IRS - really simple syndication" and "rich site summary.

Enables busy users to scan the headlines of newly available content and click on an item's title to view items of interest, thus sparing them from having to continually visit sites to find out what's ewe Folksiness - social tagging) are keyword-based classification systems created by user communities as they generate and review content. Hatch). Are keyword- based classification systems created by user communities as they view and generate content? Mash-up - a combination of two or more technologies (location and map) Use GAPS and other devises (Goggles mapping tools). Prediction markets - diverse, decentralized (not Just for one area), and independent (from others input).

Where a diverse crowd is polled and opinions aggregated to form a forecast of an eventual outcome.Online reputation management - Firms specializing in this field will track a client firm's name, brand, executives' names, or other keywords, reporting online activity and whether sentiment trends toward the positive or negative Semiconductors 1st - 5th waves of computing Inventories of chip manufacturers.