Like before online or phone orders were being placed In a large warehouse which contains uncountable Items, but now Items which are labeled with numbers/codes and Information are directly placed to the eight containers for transport by machinery. Secondly, IS and IT are kind of tools for firms to produce new products, services and business models. For example, the ask modem was the most popular method for using Internet but It has then declined and replaced by others like Cable, as better IS and IT had developed.

Thirdly, suppliers and customers are able to get closer by using IS and IT, they also help on improving problem solving capabilities and realizing of customer needs. Social media helps companies on customers and suppliers intimacy, they may create online spaces to encourage customers to give feedbacks and respond on activities/events held and their products. Fourthly, managers no longer make important decisions by relying on guesses or luck since IS and IT had developed.Real-time information provides those trustworthy data in order to organize, control and decide immediately.

Companies are able to collect latest data more frequently and make decisions by setting up a network which links for example a central database to retail outlets. For competitive advantage, IS and IT help companies to invent new products to fight with competitors, o discover useful information and they also provide reliable and security in order to ensure the stable of a business.Company could take action like creating a new product line that might able to gain back its market share to fight with their competitors by using those important data. At last, survival, a company needs reliable, convenient and security systems to share files, store data or communicate with customers in order to ensure the business Is able to recover when problems occur and be stable.

2. What Is an information system? How Is It related to Information technology?Give woo examples to show their relationship. Information System Is a combination of people, hardware, software, Infrastructure, network, communication devices and data resources/lamination In order to control, organize and make decisions In a business, also It Is the mechanisms that drive the innovations that are enabling people and organizations to be more creative and information systems, and information systems are to connect businesses and the ever growing field of computers.On the other hand, information technology is all about managing technology and making use of it for the improvement of business or other usage. For example, a company produced an information system - online chatting software, and people use it on mobiles or computer to send photos, messages or audio notes - technologies through the software in daily life.

Also, take pencil and paper as an example, the two objects individually are Just tools, but when they put together, they create a system for writing (information system), we are then able to write (information technology). . Identify the steps that are performed in the online enrollment process of our university. List the input, process and output of that system.

This kind of system belongs to TIPS, MIS, ADS or SEES? Diagram the process. We should go to the website (sis. Mac. MO/swipe), login with our own student number and password, click in the section which states "Course Enrollment", after that select the course you would like to add/drop or change and we are able to insert course codes to find the courses in order to add or replace.This kind of system belongs to ADS, since ADS works on rapidly changing and updating procedure which solution is not able to define beforehand.

In the enrollment process, students are changing or adding/dropping courses frequently, the system is keep updating and freeing in order to show the real-time information to the students. 4. What are enterprise applications? Explain why you would or would not consider Microsoft Office software such as MS Word and MS Excel as enterprise applications.Enterprise applications are highly complex systems which a business would use to help the business be more productive and pliable, also assist the organization in solving enterprise problems.

They may be deployed across corporate a variety of networks, intranets, or internet, while meeting strict requirements for security and administration management. There are four major enterprise applications: enterprise systems, supply chain management systems, customer relationship management systems and knowledge management systems.I would consider Microsoft Office software as enterprise applications because of two reasons: first, popularity. Consumers are still using MS Office software in a big way; people still buy the software for their personal use at home that make the MS Office still successful. Second, improvement, although MS Office software is popular, it keeps on providing new and better features to improve the software in order to hold customers' attention.