People all over the world always dream about a material life where they can live and use beautiful and luxurious things. However, do material things can bring real value to us? Nathalie believes that objects have the power to change her life.

At the beginning of" The Necklace" Nathalie only dreams about the beautiful objects In the other women's home which makes she Jealous. She does not care about the things she has had: a comfortable home, hot soup, a loving husband. When she finally acquires the dress and necklace to come to party, those objects seem to make her coming the most happy women In the world.She has gotten what she wanted, and her life has changed quickly In the few short hours of the party . However, when she loses the necklace, the dream dissolves Instantly, and her life becomes even worse than before. She has to work all day and night to pay for the fake necklace which she borrowed from her friend.

After ten years work hard, she becomes an older and ugly woman and she is left with nothing. In reality, the power does not Ill with the objects and material things can not bring real value to us.