Write a 150 to 200 word paragraph describing the steps of your current writing approach. For example, how do you approach writing an assignment for a class? In addition, outline the ways your process differs from or is similar to the writing process outlined in your texts.

This paragraph should follow the structure of an effective paragraph. Underline the topic sentence and bold the concluding sentence in the paragraph. Use complete sentences. Post your assignment, Review the additional resources.Today I am going to discuss the steps I take to write a paragraph. Before I do anything, I make sure I have a quiet area to work in and a clear mind so my writing process begins smoothly.

I sit in front of my laptop and begin writing what I would like to talk about, which is called discovering and brainstorming. Then after I have done that I start narrowing down what I want to write about such as: Topic sentence and supportive details. After this, I usually go on to compose a rough draft pretty quickly.By drafting what I have written, It allows me to take out the things that strike me as worth keeping or not. Then after I have done that I revise the draft by rearranging ideas and reshaping sentences to make clearer connections. Carefully after examining the paper to see that it contains any errors of grammar, spelling, or punctuation for the last time I write a final paper.

In conclusion, the four stages of writing like discovering, drafting, revising, editing and proofreading has help me and guided me to write effectively.