We both needed a break from our stress filled ivies and I was hoping I could help him overcome whatever tragedy happen in his life because I didn't understand why he was depressed and get drunk most of the time. He had told me about few things that has transpired between him and his past relationship, but it Just didn't explain all of his emotional problems. Throughout the plane ride, He spent most of the time asking the flight attendants for tasty Juice and alcohol. He looked out the window with longing eyes.

His eyes seem to be passing a message across to me, but I don't quite understand.I didn't understand what was sassing from his life. The plane arrived In Dublin. We were ushered like a sheep through the customs and Immigration. Our baggage was taken by Hammed, a cab driver that we already reserved. We arrived at Hotel Dust.

It was more like being In a paradise. What more could you ask for other than paradise? The hotel Is fully furnished like a presidential villa. We had our private kitchen, Living room, master bedroom and a lobby with a nice city view. Our reserved suite was on the 32nd floor. I looked out of the window, It Is a wonderful and beautiful view.

The city Is full of tall alluding and lakes. It's Just a simple concept we all hope for, but never achieve. Looking behind me, I saw my boyfriend with a bottle another bottle of alcohol In his hand. I approach him In a caring and romantic manner, then he said very little why he gets drunk and depressed.

HIS fear was not to treat him the way Is Ex has treated him. I bet he doesn't know how much I enjoyed being around him and I have always Imagined and dreamed of being with such a handsome guy In a beautiful place. I couldn't have been happier, but all good things must come to an end.The next day was spent with fun-filled satellites such as a boat cruise on the lake around Dublin Marina, on the boat cruise we were able to see the length and breadth of Dublin Marl. After the boat cruise It was time to go shopping.

We decide to take a evils to the Dublin mall which Is the biggest mall In the world. This mall has about 2500 stores. We were able to evils 30 stores before we get tired and we decide to check out another mall. We headed west towards Sheikh Gazed Road.

After 10 minutes' drive on this highway we arrive at the mall of the emirates.We took pictures with a sculpture at the center of the mall. This sculpture Is a horse and It was decorated with colorful light. After the pictures It was time to eat dinner.

We went for dinner at IF Change restaurant. I was so happy we found this restaurant because It Is my favorite restaurant a oh B•Ump we were cone welt n Loaner Ana accuse to call It a clay. We headed back to Hotel Dust to reserve our energy for the next day. When we got back to the hotel, He told me the rest of his concern and how he enjoyed being with me and never want to lose me.

In return I let him understand how much he means to me as well and I ask him if he can quit drinking. He said yes to me and we both went to bed happily. It was 10:ma'am in the morning when the doorbell rang. My boyfriend gets up to go check who was at the door. It was Hammed and he is ready to take us around the city. I Jumped in the shower as well as my boyfriend.

It was a quick shower and we were ready for the city tour. The first visit was to Bur] Kalmia, which is the tallest building in the world. At the top of the building we were able to see the size of Dublin.This building is very important when talking about Dublin.

If you visit Dublin and you do not take a visit to the Bur] Kalmia you have to take a visit to Dublin However, that is not the end of our vacation we spent every day having again. Different fun-filled activities. We went for a visit to ABA Dhabi and some other beautiful cities. The most amazing thing about this vacation is because he quit drinking alcohol Just because I want him to quit.

Soon the vacation is over and we headed back to the States.