Write a narrative paragraph about your personal accomplishments In the past. How to Get Personal Accomplishments. Last year, I got 2 memorable accomplishments In my Junior year. First of all, I achieved a good grade of English listening. It was the first time I began to study this subject, so I felt confused and worried. In other words, I could not hear completely what a speaker said and understand clearly to answer the questions.

Nevertheless, relying on my endurance and patience helped me solve this problem.I spent two hours on listening exercises and listening to English songs every day. In Dalton, I learnt lots of vocabularies and pronunciation to absorb easily what I listened. Moreover, I tried to focus on key words and base on the spoken text to do exercises better.

Day by day, I gradually improved this skill, and I could understand over 80% of chapters which I studied. In the final test, I got good grades in this subject. In addition, I had an after school job. I was a tutor to teach children who weren't good atEnglish. At the beginning, I felt that this job seemed quite difficult for me because I didn't know how to explain clearly what the children didn't understand. Thus, I tried to read several books to have many ways which could help me teach the children effectively.

Through my efforts, there was happy ending because my students could improve themselves and become good students. Now, whenever I think those things which I have done, I feel very happy, and I take pride in myself.