The tendency of modern civilization is to give prominence to city life. City life has many advantages. Here one can get all the amenities of modern life. So, the standard of life is higher in a city. All cities have good schools, colleges and universities to provide quality higher education.

City life has nowadays become attractive too. Most of the people living in cities are generally educated. A great many people lead a life of comfort and luxury in a city. The best medical aids and hospitals are available in the cities.

A city provides for better sanitation and good supply of pure water for city dwellers. All the roads are metallic and furnished with electric lights. There are better facilities for transport and communication. There are also provisions for games, sports, cultural activities, amusements and different kinds of recreations for the people. Good facilities for trade, commerce and industries are available in a city.

People can get employmentopportunities easily in a city. In consideration of all these advantages, people prefer to live in a city.The Advantage of living in a big cityNowadays, most young people prefer to live in a big city because of the following advantages: convenience, improve knowledge, and career development. First, living in a big city is very convenient.

People can afford essential things for life such as: clothes, furniture and health care. In addition, living in a big city has almost everything, for instance services people’s life: schools, banks, hospitals, bus, undergrounds, trade centers, convenient traffic... For example, when you have an emergency or a serious disease in a big city you can easy find any hospital near a place you live and take a short time to get there.

Second, advantage of living in a big city is helping you improve your knowledge. Living in a big city you can communicate with many people and learn many different cultures from them. For example, if you live with neighbor who is Chinese, Indian or Korean, you can learn a lot from their culture. Moreover, a big city has more opportunity to choose a good and famous school. The last advantage of living in a big city is developing your career. Furthermore, a big city has more opportunity to find good job with high salary because there are a large number of companies, corporations, businesses.

.. in a big city. In conclusion, living in a big city very convenience, improve your knowledge and develop career.The advantages of living in a big city.Living in a big city offers many advantages over living in a town or village.

Most things, on the whole, are far better organised and readily available.For example; The huge stores offer a tremendous range of goods, which you would not find elsewhere.Public services, trains, buses and planes are ever close at hand. Hospitals and emergency services are but a phone call away, and are all very efficient.

Education is catered for by better equipped schools and Universities. Museums and Libraries are also a great source of education, and should not be overlooked. Also there are usually many forms of freely available educational leaflets and pamphlets, along with evening classes.The metropolitan nature of most cities also introduces you to the many customs and cultures of people from other lands.

Career opportunities abound in the city, thanks to the presence of many huge corporations and international businesses.In conclusion. If one wants to better their chances of a better environment in which to progress their careers, then the city is the place to be.