Do you remember that feeling when you got your first car or truck? How that vehicle gave you that sense of freedom and pride? Well mine sure did. I got my truck when I turned sixteen. Not only was "The Black Betty' my pride and Joy, it was a part of me. After spending all of my savings, a long list of parts and a majority of my time.

I finally had what I considered my "dream truck. " That truck was my pride and Joy at the time. Vive always been around anything and everything with a motor.Whether it had two wheels or four, I was interested in it. I believe that is what got me to customize my first truck.

For a guy to spend all of his money on something, it has to be really important to him. I had bought the truck for just over six thousand dollars and had about four thousand left to do what I wanted to it. Come to find out, that did not last long. In the end I spent well over eighteen thousand dollars in two years on that truck. I drained my checking and savings account on that beast.

The parts list for "Black Betty' seemed never ending.Six months after I bought it, I had to replace the clutch and rebuild the whole transmission. After that, the starter and power steering pump went out within three days of each other. I was beginning to think that I had gotten in too deep.

The most expensive fix, that was actually needed, was the ECMA. The engine control module cost me a small fortune of nine hundred and seventy five dollars. I think I put most of my money into the bells and whistles then the necessities. The truck didn't need programmer or new rims and tires but it sure did make it run and look better.Whenever I got an excuse to go and drive my truck I took it. I spent most of my free time working on this truck until it was finished.

All of my other time was spent working to pay for it. I remember staying down at our families body shop till the early hours of the morning trying to get each panel straight for body and paint. I think I might have spent as much time on the computer looking for parts and accessories as I did working on the truck. After all, the final product was quite amazing.

The sound of the stacks Just made the truck sound mean.That sound you hear when a big rig tarts up is what "The Black Betty' sounded like. You would get thrown back in you seat because of the pure horsepower backed up with the endless amounts of torque. The diesel engine provided so much power.

Although, filling up at the pump hurt the wallet, the smell of those diesel fumes made it worth while in my book. Not only was "The Black Betty' the best looking truck at the school, it had the best sound system. It was like you were sitting in a movie theatre. The bass would punch you in the chest and rattle the change in your pockets. It was truly a dream truck.Whether or not you ad a bond with my first truck like I did, everyone did.

It's that that feeling of freedom that makes a person start to grow up and mature. Or maybe its Just a guy thing. I'm not sure out I wall never Target Tanat Telling. I may nave spent my savings, a lot AT my time and UN-godly amount of parts into my first truck, but it was well worth it.

This truck taught me that something, material or not, will always have a special place in a young mans heart. Selling it was like giving my right hand; I lost a part of myself. But it was time to let it go and make another man happy like it did me.