Graded Assignment Response to a Narrative Prompt Read the Prompt. Then write an essay In response to the prompt. Make sure to stay within the 35-Emanuel time limit starting now. Remember: You need to turn this assignment into your teacher by the due date to receive full credit. (200 points) Many people believe that mistakes are an important teacher.

We learn by doing, and we often learn most by doing things imperfectly the first time.Write an essay about a mime you learned something through making a mistake. Narrate the event clearly and interestingly. Be sure to express your thoughts about learning through making mistakes. Answer: Every time the sun rises, and a new day packed with possibilities and new opportunities and decisions to be made.

As humans, we don't always make the best decisions. Which Is a good thing, without the occasional mistake we would Just stay as stagnant people, never changing. In this narrative I will be addressing a drastic mistake I made In my life. About eight months ago my father passed away.

I made the stake of choosing not to spend time with him when he tried so hard to see me. This mistake resulted in regret and I have now learned from it and try especially hard to spend time with loved ones. The sad truth is, you are born alone and die alone. We are all Just walking on a journey with each other and you never truly know how long you will be able to walk along with anyone. Because of that I now appreciate every second I am gifted with the people I love. I will never take anyone for granted ever again.

Mistakes aren't fun, but without them how would we ever learn?