Christina Franks June 28, 2011 Eng090 F6 I moved from Detroit, MI to Ypsilanti, MI, for a better living. It was December 29, 2008.

I had just given birth to my daughter. My daughter was born at 9:45p. m, weighing 5lbs and 3ounces. I named my daughter Saphira Parthenia Franks. Saphira died at 36 weeks, due to still born. The doctor told me” Sometimes this happens without a reason and you will be able to have more children”.

I already had my mind made up, that I would wait until I turn thirty to have another baby.I was heartbroken and disgusted with myself. I was already going insane from the deaths of my father in November 2006 and my grandma in July 2008. Therefore, I was not able to cope with their three deaths at once. Next, I made the decision to move to Ypsilanti, MI from Detroit, MI on February 10, 2009.

I found an apartment at The Villas on Golfside and Clark Rd, in Ypsilanti, MI; I lived at this apartment for about six months. Then, I ended up losing the apartment due to financial reasons. I was back and forth to Detroit, MI staying with others I knew.At the time, I was just becoming a member of a Detroit M/C.

Partying at the moment was the only thing keeping me from deep depression. In addition, I met my significant other. I met my significant other around September 5, 2009, in Ypsilanti, MI. When we both met, we were homeless.

We were homeless for two months. Within the two months, we lived at the Red Roof Inn. I did not know this woman from east to west. I was so surprised and grateful, that someone cared about me a lot. This woman put all of her resources together and cared for the both of us.Later, it was getting close to November 2009.

I received a telephone call from the apartment manager, I applied to. It was around the first week of November. When the apartment manager called and stated” Your apartment will be available in three days”. I was excited and I could not have wished for better news. Following this, I and my significant other moved into our new apartment. The wait for this apartment came right in time.

At this point, I was satisfied with having a roof over our heads.Concurrently, I enrolled at Washtenaw Community College, as a full time student. My next step was to manage my health. I went to the U of M hospital to select my doctors of choice.

I selected a few doctors and a physical therapist, along with a psychiatrist for my depression, of my preference. I did not bond well with the psychiatrist. I knew it was because he was a male. I did not feel comfortable speaking to a male about my personal life. I know psychiatrists are trained to their profession, but I did not feel a doctor to patient connection.

While taking to the psychiatrist about my problems. The session only made me cry, livid and depressed. I discontinued future sessions with the psychiatrist. Finally, I am currently enrolled at Washtenaw Community College, with a 4. 0 g.

p. a. I live in the same apartment from two years ago. My health is where it needs to be at this point. I am proud of myself for all that I have accomplished and the long journey. I am amazed at my level or strength and progress, that I never knew I had.