With the increased use of computers, information technologies like electronic mail, chat room websites, and social websites creating direct contacts with children. These young children needed to be protected from Information that the children were too young for, as well as organizations that Illegally could use information that these children may provide them (Federal Communications Commission, 2013). The Children's Internet Protection Act requires Institutions to make parents aware of their communications with their hillier.The Institutions have to get the parent's consent; the parent can review what the child has been doing on the site, and to restrict further activity.

The institution must limit the information it receives from a child and have a system in place to protect the information it does collect (Information Shield, 2004-2011). The rule was put into place because of ease that children had gaining access to inappropriate material. (Electronic Funds Transfer, 1978) The Electronic Funds Act was put in place to protect consumers who transferred or hefted money using electronic means.Electronic methods Include the use of credit, or debit cards, automated teller machines, and automatic withdrawals. The Act also restricts the responsibility the consumer would have In matter like a stolen debit card (Investigated, 2013).

A person's financial Institution Is liable to give him, or her disclosure on you Electronic Transfer Services. The Consumer should receive a summary of his, or her liability, consumers should get contact information in case he, or she thinks someone has made an unauthorized transfer on his, or her account.Consumers should be told the types of transfers he, or she can make and be told his or her abilities in pre-authorizing transfers and stop payments. Consumers will also be told his or her time limits of challenging a transaction, and a notice of any fees for using Automated Tellers, or any other electronic transfer method (Federal Trade Commission, 2013).

The Electronic Funds Transfer Act is a result of the increased amount of electronic methods.