Genetic Engineering Genetically Engineered Plants Genetic engineering has some history of good and bad. In 1989as a result of the food supplement Typtophan, 37 people died, 1500 were permanently disabled, and 5000 were very ill as result of high toxin levels in the food. No one knows the future side effects.

Such as in August 19994, corn crops grew three inches tall and then suddenly fell over dead, because past crops drained the soil of most nutrients. Genetics have some new applications. They have newer and better-enhanced cells to be bigger and to produce more.For example soybean companies, they try to get a cell of all or mostly protein. It didnt work to well many people had an allergic reactions.

Now scientists are looking and trying to make bigger and better plants. Scientists are also looking for a way to make plants grow twice or three times as big and produce more. That will let them get more crops out of one area of land. Scientists are out to educate people about engineering in plants.

To let them know what they are eating. So they dont eat something that a major problem, and most of the public agree to be produced. Since scientists dont know about the long-term effects, because no long-term tests have been able to conducted. There are some negatives that come with everything but genetic engineering on plants has some pretty good ones.

People have unknown reactions to some foods that have been altered.Our public health agencies are powerless to trace problems of any kind, back to the source, because there are no labels. There are unexpected and unknown side effects yet to be discovered. Genetic engineering also has its good side. We can produce three times as many crops in one field at one time. That will make our plants three times the size.

It will also make the food we produce three times as much. This will help people buy making food in good supply year round, and making it cheaper. It will also be good for us because we can genetically engineer food to aid in curing diseases. We will also need to use less land, by producing more food.

All in all, genetics engineering is helpful to mankind to cure problems of food shortage and desases.Science Essays.