Use of Genetic Engineering in the manipulation of organisms Aim: I'm going to write a short report on genetic engineering. Method: Certain enzymes can cut pieces of DNA from one organism, and join them into a gap in the DNA of another organism. This means that the new organism with the inserted genes has the genetic information for one or more new characteristics. For example, the organism might produce a useful substance, or be able to carry out a new function. We say that the organism has been genetically modified. Examples: Environing The Environing is a pig that's been genetically altered to better digest and process phosphorus.

Pig manure is high in epiphyte, a form of phosphorus, so when farmers use the manure as fertilizer, the chemical enters the watershed and causes algae blooms that deplete oxygen in the water and kill marine life. This modification decreases a pigs phosphorous output by as much as 70 percent -? making the pig more environmentally friendly. Fast-growing salmon Aqua Bounty's genetically modified salmon grows twice as fast as the conventional variety. The company says the fish has the same flavor, texture, color and dour as a regular salmon; however, the debate continues over whether the fish is safe to eat.Could this be the end to world hunger? Venomous cabbage Scientists have recently taken the gene that programmers poison in scorpion tails and looked for ways to combine it with cabbage, to limit pesticide use while still preventing caterpillars from damaging cabbage crops.

These genetically modified cabbages would produce scorpion poison that kills caterpillars when they bite leaves -? but the toxin is modified so it isn't armful to humans Ethical issues "all food consumed today is GM.