Any meddling in a person's genetic makeup can cause permanent damage, outweighing the benefits of Genetic Engineering such as eradication of diseases, hereditary defects, and shortage of nutritious food.

Many would argue that Genetic Engineering will benefit society and is ethical. Genetics will increasingly enable health professionals to identify, treat, and prevent the 4,000 or more genetic diseases and disorders that our species is heir to (Coates). This appears wonderful to the naked eye. Genetic engineering has set up its key position in health care.The payback to the unman contest in this field is limitless.

Many of the medicines you see on shelves today are created using genetic engineering. Insulin used today for diabetics is formed using genetically engineered bacteria. Genetic engineering is one of our most potent tools in health care today. Proponents of genetic engineering argue that parents can give their children advantages by sending them to superior schools.

Also by giving them growth hormone. Banning genetic manipulation is a denial of individual liberties.Reproduction of plant and animal species has been a long time practice. Scientists have taken that process a step beyond with the addition of genetic engineering.

Advances in genetic engineering have made it possible to connect organisms that are not identical. Genetically Designing Babies Is Unethical in its own right. A "Designer Babies" is classified as a baby whose genetic makeup has been artificially edited. The problem of genetic engineering lies in the hubris of the designing parents (Sanded).To appreciate children as gifts is to accept them as they come, not as products of our design or instruments of our ambition (Sanded).

The Problem of Hyperkinetic, which is an obligation to craft the perfect childhood for our kids. Which will guarantee a successful adulthood. In his article on designer babies Michael Sanded said, "Parents should be able to choose what they want to do, but they shouldn't be able to pick their burden Of This technology allows parents to avoid certain characteristics their children may have.Genetic Engineering of Humans Is Largely Unethical and controversial.

Eugenics is the favoring of the reproduction of some genes over others and it has a vile history. There would e effects beyond the level of the individual in such a world, as various traits became more common. If one modifies the DNA in a sperm or egg or in the cells of an early embryo, the altered DNA will be copied each time these cells divide and will become part of all the cells in that future person, including her or his eggs or sperm (Hubbard). Genetic En henchmen Would Lead to Inequality and Abuse.

Opponents of genetic manipulation argue that by allowing this we run the risk of creating a race of super humans, changing what it means to be normal and increasing the ever widening gap between he haves and the have-onto(Epstein). Genetic Engineering Could Harm Future Generations. Genetic therapy, like genetic enhancement, not only is permanent during the entire lifetime of the affected individual(Riffing). The transgender becomes inheritable transmitted to countless members of future generations.

Some genetic engineers envision a future with a small segment of the human population engineered to "perfection," while others remain as flawed reminders of an outmoded evolutionary design (Riffing). Molecular biologist Lee Silver Of Princeton University writes about a not too distant true made up of two distinct biological classes, which he refers to as the "Gene Rich" and the "Naturals. " Silver states in his article "The Gene Rich, who account for 10% of the population, have been enhanced with synthetic genes and have become the rulers of society'(Silver).They include Gene Rich businesspeople, musicians, artists, intellectuals, and athletes(Silver).

They have each been improved with certain synthetic genes to allow them to thrive in their respective fields in ways not even imaginable among those born of nature's lottery(Silver). Silver alleges "With the passage of time, the genetic distance between Naturals and the Gene Rich has become greater and greater, and now there is little movement up from the Natural to the Gene Rich class(Silver). Members of the Gene Rich class control all aspects of the economy, the media, the entertainment industry, and the knowledge industry (Silver).In contrast, Naturals work as low-paid service providers or as laborers.

Gene Rich and Natural children grow up and live in segregated social worlds where there is little chance for contact between them (Silver). Eventually, the Gene Rich class and the Natural class will become the Gene Rich humans and the Natural humans-?entirely separate species with no ability to crossbreed and with as much romantic interest in each other as a current human would have for a chimpanzee (Riffing). " Imagine a world with Genetic Discrimination.With the emergence of the genetic revolution, society entertains the prospect of a new and more serious form of segregation (Sanded).

One based on genotype and harshly assessed . Society would be split into genetically "superior" and "inferior' individuals and groups will rate a new and powerful social dynamic (Silver). Families that can afford to program "superior' genetic traits into their fetus at conception will ensure their offspring an even greater biological advantage-?and thus a social and economic advantage as well (Riffing).For all the advantages claimed for genetic engineering, in the overwhelming number of cases the price seems too high to pay. In order to ensure mega profits for multinational corporations well into the next century, we will have to mortgage the biosphere, seriously compromise life on the planet, and even risk losing what t means to be a human being (Epstein). Genetic engineering poses grim risks to human health.

It raises serious ethical questions about the right of human beings to alter life on earth for the benefit of a few. Who Will Control These New Technologies.Federal Government, Corporations, or Universities. There are many who will fight for control of the industry. From this perspective, few of us are able to point to any institution or group of individuals we would entrust with decisions of such import.

While control of the new genetic technologies is being concentrated in the hands of scientists, orientations companies, government agencies, and other institutions, the products and services are being marketed under the guise of expanding freedom of choice for millions of consumers (Riffing).No matter what you use gene engineering for, you must always realize that you are still altering and changing human nature. The change can be for the betterment of society such as vitro fertilization, insulin, or finding the cure for a fatal disease, but sometimes science goes to far and has the power to damage society in some of the negative types of genetic engineering. When using or discovering another use for genetic engineering the scientist should think whether their discovery would help the world or just their reputation.