Genetic engineering has up to now immensely helped us through health and medicine. We rely on it every time flu season comes around when we go to the hospital, drug store, or clinic to receive our vaccinations.

We take trips to foreign countries where diseases are common to come across by just drinking water or not wearing protective clothing. When we want to advance in particular parts of our health such as muscle building or improving and cleansing our digestive system, we go to vitamin store for the precise fix, whether it is protein or fiber.We are able to make great medicines from disease, virus, and bacteria. Through genetic engineering we have developed ideas that transcended prior peaks and platforms of science. Ideas of creating trees that fight pollution by soaking up hazardous chemicals from the grounds of hazardous waste sites, creating foods that fight disease, or just making advances in what genetic engineering we already perform such as progression with stem cells.

This could one day lead to a longer life expectancy for humans through organ transplants created from our own organ cells.There are downfalls in this manufacturing of genes where they aren't normally found. If we take resistant produce for example; the produce would become destroy the digestive system of these specific insects, but as evolution would have it, meaning where an environmental change may lead to the productivity of another kind, there could be an insect that comes about the feeding off of this product not affected by the genes of the vegetable. So during high infestation periods, the money spent on genetic engineering for he development of this product is wasted.Then we are back to square one.

Also, If the developed creation has this effect on insects, what effect would if have on humans? Is this why others countries ban the use of GYM(genetically modified food)? There are instances when we go too far forward and as we're creating advancements we also create dangerous complexities. So as scientists, engineers to these creations, I believe they must always question their motives in their creations and boards should always be held to keep them honest.