Tampering in this degree is used in the hopes of making plants and animals ore useful.

Were the genetic changes done to livestock right or wrong? No one knows what may trigger a gene depending on where it was inserted. I believe that humans have no right to test theories on plants or animals. They also have no right to try and change or disturb the natural ecosystem. Therefore, it overrides natural selection. Further understanding GE and ethics, risks and disadvantages, and the biblical point will help one choose which side of the issue to morally support.

Regardless of position, a closer look will allow for a meaningful judgment into true feelings one may have on his highly debated topic. Do you want to know what is really happening to "natural life' as we now know it? GE is a widespread term referring to the adjustment to an organisms genes in order to remove unwanted traits, or add desirable traits. We find it in our foods at the grocery store, in medicine, in tobacco, in many farm animals, and in crops growing in fields as you pass by. Our society had no warning.GE makes it possible to break through the breed barrier and mix information between totally different breeds.

To avoid testing and adjustment in plants, GE is done with viruses. Viruses as most people know, are very active. Almost nothing can stop them when they have attacked a new victim. Often, for no reason at all when a new gene is inserted into its new host it will only work for a short amount of time then close up.

Unfortunately there is no way to know in advance if this will occur. There are many things wrong with GE. While the issue of the morality of crossing species boundaries reflects differing world views and may be conceptually unclear, there are known risks associated with sensationalistic of transgenic cells or organs from animals to humans. (Concessionaire. Com) Studying genes in a test tube can only tell what the gene does and behaves in that test tube alone. It cannot tell us the reaction it will have when placed into a different breed.

There are unpredictable side effects that will always come with GE. "Ethics is following accepted rules of behavior: morally right or wrong. (Merriam Webster) believe ethical means following guidelines that one believes are right or wrong, because everyone may have different views on ethics. "Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is ergot before God. " (Luke 1 2:6) Many animals and even fish have already been genetically modified to try and increase their production of milk and meat further than their bodies can handle without damaging them. Some animals have died in experiments while others are born deformed.

GE is animal abuse.Sometimes the claim is made that GE experiments on animals and mice are needed to cure cancer and other disease. The experiment may work on animals and mice, but they may have a totally different reaction to human bodies. 'You cannot mimic an entire human psyche in a mouse or a at," says Jacqueline Crawler- (Of Mice and Men) If scientist make one little mistake during GE of any animal it could possibly create pathogens, and could destroy the food chain. After GE experiments the animals are not completely organic anymore.

In GE foods dangerous virus genes can be inserted into your own genes.Originally Genetically modified (GM) corn was meant only for pig feed, not for human consumption. GE soy can possibly cause long term allergy problems. In Genetically modified organisms (GYM) crop fields, pollen pollination and pollination by insects create problems for nearby non-GM or organic farmers crops. There is also a chance that the insects could become resistance to the pesticides inserted into the crops.

DNA does not always completely break down during digestion, so this means the bacteria in the GE foods could get into our intestines.Very little testing has been done to GM foods, and long term effects are unsure. Scientist did all these experiments so animals could eat less, grow faster, leave behind less damaging waste, and to be engineered so their organs could be transported into humans. GE offers the possibility to cure diseases and countless theories to improve daily life. Organic farming could feed the world.

There is no need to waste millions of dollars on GE technology and industrial gag. Sooner or later GE is going to cause overpopulation, because people are getting new organs and new medicine to help them get better.Everything needs to die, but in a natural way. Consider what God has done: Who can straighten what he has made crooked? " (Ecclesiastic 7: 1 3) GE has advanced extremely in the past decade and soon scientist will be able to make a " designer baby.

" This gives the parents to chance to choose the gender of the baby, eye color, hair color, eight, and make their bodies immune to diseases. Christian views may differ from others views on GE. In Christians eyes modifying life can be seen as playing God ; , because God created life and people in his own image of how he thought they needed to be.To modify what God has created would be like saying God made a mistake. Some Christians believe that scientist that are trying to change and improve life are attempting to replace God.

Only God has the full right to mess with our genes. 'You shall keep My statutes. You shall not crossbreed two sorts of animals. You shall not sow your field with woo sorts of seed.

Nor shall a garment made of two sorts of mixed material come upon you. " (Leviticus 1 9:19) Some things are so different genetically that it is unlikely for them to interbreed.For example fish and cats can not interbreed. Crossbreeding is forbidden in the bible, but if they are very close related like zebras and horses are able to interbreed.

"You shall not sow your vineyard with different sorts of seeds, for the yield of the seed which you have sown and the fruit of your vineyard will be unholy. " (Deuteron 22:9) GE is not benefiting anyone, even the farmers rarely benefit. "Most American rammers who have turned to genetically engineered crops seem to be getting yields no better than farmers who grow traditional varieties.They also appear to be using similar quantities of pesticides. " (Kurt Klein, Field of dreams, New Scientist) We all must wake up and understand what is really going on around us. Scientist are not just GE animals and plants, but also humans: "designer baby.

" Doing further research on the highly debated subject " is genetic engineering ethical or not" is extremely important when making a claim. What genetic engineering really is and ethics, the risks and disadvantages of GE, and the biblical standpoint on GE all need to be taken into consideration. Understanding what GE really is and how it works, and Ethics is following accepted rules of behavior : morally right and good. " (Merriam Webster) There are always risks and disadvantages involved in everything you do, but does the risks and disadvantages outweigh the advantages involved in GE? Christians views are very different from non-Christians, because God created life and people in his own image of how he thought they needed to be. Scientist starting using GE in the hopes of improving everyday life, making animals more useful, helping crops last longer, better nutrition for humans, and drug and organ production.