Step 1 Interview all current employees from each department as a group – My hope is determine how comfortable the employees are in an environment where everyone is collectively involved in the conversation.

Sit one-on-one with all members of management at the branch – This will allow me to get a feeling for their management style and how they incorporate their approach in fostering a healthy work environment. One-on-one with all staff members at the branch – This will allow me to get their personal opinion without fear of wrath from management, to gauge how they interpret their skill and input is being utilized currently.Interview the art director and account executive that recently left the firm – Find out what actions, or less there of that prompted them to decide to leave the branch, also allow me to get their input on what changes they see necessary to right the ship. Review of office policies and procedures – This will allow me to ensure the information being utilized is up-to-date and applicable.

Step 2A: Surveys. Employees 1. Why are we not being approached to discuss any possible revisions to ideas we are presenting to management?They are simply being rejected without our input. – In presenting this to management, I hope to get a better understanding of what practices are currently being utilized in approving/denying projects.

2. We’re being required to work extended hours, but aren’t being compensated for it in any way. – As it relates to compensation for overtime, all branches follow the same corporate policies; a review will be done to determine if those policies are not being followed here and why. 3. This company no longer seems to have any structure, why is that? Has the loss of recent members of management begun to affect the office negatively, as the staff now feels there is no sign of cohesiveness among the current members of management? .

Clients 1. Projects are not being completed in a timely manner – Has the recent influx of new projects affected how previously started projects are being managed, are the customers being kept abreast on any issues that might delay their project. 2. Existing customers are not happy with the services they re receiving or lack thereof - It costs less to sell to existing customers than new business. What steps do customers feel isn’t being taken to make them feel as welcomed as when they first became our clients. 3.

Final projects are touching on all requirements established by customer and the branch – Is insufficient staffing in management, and a lack of cohesion between management and their staff affecting the quality of work being produced. Phoenix Advertising 123 Main Street Charlotte, NC 23566 954-253-4456 Monday, January 02, 2012SUBJECT: Customer dissatisfaction and employee morale Dear Mr. Johnson, In light of the customer complaints in regards to the quality of work they’ve received from the Roanoke branch within the past month, and the recent resignation of top members of your management staff, I will be spending a week at your branch. There are also reports of numerous members of your staff, specifically three graphic designers and four copywriters that are reportedly contemplating leaving the firm as well.

My planned arrival is scheduled for the week of Monday January 23, 2012.In advance of my arrival, please have the following information available: * Client files for Tenet Bank, Altec Insurance Agency, Lansing Apparel and High Lander Credit Union. * Copies of all branch polies and procedures being utilized for each department. * Employee performance reviews for the past 12 months. * Information on any recent customer or employee complaints brought to your attention. Please advise all members of the staff of my arrival as to ensure they make themselves readily available, as I’d like to conduct group and individual meetings with members of all departments.

In lieu of my request above, I appreciate your cooperation in allowing me the opportunity to assist in identifying the root of the issue and its subsequent solution with your help. Sincerely, Reid Belizaire Reid Belizaire V. P. Human Resources Problems: * No compensation for extra work done * Lack of structure amongst management * Team environment not being fostered * Deadlines not being met * Lack of communication with current customers * New projects not being properly managed along with current projects * Policies and procedures not being adhered toFacts and Causes: Policies and procedures not being adhered to – Most recent copy of policies and procedures in the office dates back to 2006. No employee files from 2006 show signed copies of employee handbook being received.

No member of the staff was able to identify every reviewing required detail in employee handbooks with their supervisors. Employee performance reviews from the past month, no members of staff received raises although required merits for increases were met. Impact and Effects:In reviewing all documentation and in performing interview with current and former employees, the overriding issues boil down to inappropriate practices. This is a result of the branch not adhering to company-wide policies and procedures. One prime example of this is the handling of compensation for exempt employees, it states in the policies and procedures salaried employees have the option of receiving additional compensation in the form of a bonus, flat sum, or additional time off.

For the past year and half, no such compensation has been afforded to the employees. This has affected not only general members of staff, but also members of management. In return their lack of compensation has affected their approach to interacting with members of their staff, thus not fostering a proper team environment allowing them to feel a part of all steps in completing projects. Over the past year, productivity has increased 30%; this is in conjunction with an increase of employee work time of 45% over their regular 40 hour work week.Solutions: Ensure all policies and procedures are updated in a timely manner, have all members of staff sign-off that they’ve received copies of the new documentation and that it’s been reviewed with them. Compensate employees with bonuses and the option of having that bonus provided via a check or additional time off for all excess time worked.

Ensure Roanoke branch adopts a company-wide team approach as opposed to the one currently being utilized. Ensure workload is properly divided to allow for all projects new and current updated accordingly.Incorporate an open door policy, as to allow employees to feel comfortable bringing their issues to all levels of management within the branch. To ensure projects aren’t being accepted that can’t be fulfilled in a timely manner, have all project managers update files.

If assistance is needed with a new or current project, it is mandatory that project managers reach out to other branches for assistance if needed. Illustration: Line Graph – A line graph would allow me to show change over a period of time as it relates to productivity and employee work time. It’s also easy to understand.