Nowadays, there are millions of products in the market and the consumers have been constantly seeing new products being advertised. The market has been improving by producing more brands, gaining more market share, and expanding to a bigger business that creates new demands for the society.Despite the existence of various brands in the market, the consumers seem to be decided on which product should be patronized. Apparently, the manufacturers have been victorious in endorsing the products to the market through the effective advertisements to persuade the consumers to buy their brands.Advertising is definitely the most effective form of promotion in marketing communication.

Using the strong and persuasive appeal of the products, advertisements are able to convince the society to buy the brand that is being advertised. Advertising refers to the process of promoting goods or services to the public (Petley).It includes any paid form of communication to endorse the product to the consumers. Basically, advertising sells the product to the market, however, this method involves a wide spread technique of selling that would help consumers in deciding whether or not to do the actual purchasing.

Unlike any other forms of marketing communication, advertising is often more advanced because of the use of technology. If personal selling is effective because of its ability to build a good rapport with the consumers by meeting them personally, and publicity is efficient because it can highlight the attributes of what the company is selling, advertising on the other hand undeniably hits these principles in just a thirty second-commercial.Developing a product in the market needs numerous process and evaluation before it takes a position in the marketplace. A well-developed product may easily reach its decline stage even on its introductory period.

This is the reason that most of the marketers push their brands in the market by constant advertisements of the product on most of all media sources like television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and even billboards. Undoubtedly, advertising has been powerful and influential.This method can make the product grow in one second but it can also ruin it depending on how the marketers present it to the public and how the public would take in the information about a certain brand through advertisement. In this process, consumers can decide freely and independently because they have the power to decide if they will buy or neglect a certain product.

That is the reason why all the marketers have undergone a lot of research and evaluation before they introduce a product in the market. Surprisingly, businesses are able to manipulate the market by keeping the consumers bombarded with millions of advertisements everyday.Countless products are being advertised around the globe everyday and the level of necessity of every product to the consumers has been in the heart of debate of the society.Some products answer the needs and wants of the consumers while others are being purchased with little attention to the true need, environmental consequences, durability, and even product origin.

Most products that are being advertised today are considered needed because of the existence of other products that have penetrated the market with uncertain purposes.Unexpectedly, the new products are able to enter the market and gain brand loyalty because of its appeal through advertisements. Advertisements give the society information about the products that will be used in different aspects of consumers’ lives.While the society learn from every advertisement and every product that they buy in the market, the marketers continuously expand the business, gain market share, and establish a strong position in the marketplace.