Capturing market share is not an easy task for any company even if it has the funds to back it up. It is hard to market a brand.Asides from making sure year-end objectives are met, which includes net sales, sales volume and profitability, the brand owner must look at industry reports and competitive data which includes the other company’s product, pricing, promotion and distribution.

There’s too much competition, which makes brand awareness crucial.Raising brand awareness in the fastest route is raising it through advertising. In order to increase market share and brand profitability, companies or brand marketers must place huge sums of money in advertising.Advertising is the fastest route because through technology it can reach consumers at one point in time.

Consumers are linked to the television, the radio, and all sorts of entertainment vehicles.These technologies are readily available to them, hence, it is common for them to been seen watching a television commercial on a Sunday afternoon or listening to the radio as they go to work on a Monday. These media tools have given brand marketers the easiest and fastest way to create brand awareness.However, not all investments in advertising would ensure the success of a company or a brand marketer.Even if a television commercial is being shown five to seven times a day, it may not be able to give the branded cut through brand marketers would want.

Branded cut through may not be achieved due to the clutter consumers see or hear in media vehicles.They would see too many advertisements. Since there is too much competition, consumers may not remember the brand at all because the advertising technique used was not strong enough to place it at the top of their minds of consumers.Aside from that, the media tool which they used may be a medium that has been taken for granted by consumers—“Oh, its another advertisement on the television, oh, this is just another radio commercial to empty my pockets, oh, it is another radio station trying to sell me something over and over again.”For consumers, advertisements are already all too common in their lives.The success of raising awareness can only be measured once advertisement or promotion is able to attract a consumer base to try the product or simply convert consumers to using the brand versus competition.

The whole point of raising awareness is to ensure a loyal consumer base will be maintained and to ensure new consumers will be attracted to the product being marketed. It is critical for brand marketers to evaluate the right advertising technique and the right media form that would be able to achieve this conversion or maintenance.Brand marketers must use the best advertising technique and medium that would be the most suitable to the brand being marketed in order to ensure brand awareness is converted to sales volume.This brings us to an important question. How should a brand advertise? What is the most efficient advertising technique for brand marketers to use that will ensure top of mind awareness with consumers?How will the reach their consumers? How will they attract consumers to try their products? What type of advertising should companies use to ensure conversion of consumers to the brands they own? What type of advertising should they use to get through their target market?There are different types of advertising.

A brand marketer can advertise via a television commercial, an infomercials, radio commercials, print advertorials, billboards, merchandising or streamering.Television commercials are advertorials found during breaks of television programs. It is the most widely used by brand marketers because it reaches consumers right away by enabling them to see the product and enabling them to heard the brand attributes in either a 15s, 30s, 45s or 60s run. It is one of the most expensive media buys.These television commercials can also be expensive because it makes use of talents. Talents can either be using celebrity endorsers or just ordinary people to talk about the product and communicate the brand attributes.

Brand marketers can also use with radio advertisements or more plug-ins, which can be played over and over again the stations frequented by its target market.Brand marketers can also come up with a print advertorial that would be published in specific newspapers or tabloids. Billboard or out-of-home placements can also be used.Today, advertisers now have the option of placing it on tarpaulin or mount it digitally on an LSD screen.

Aside from billboard advertising, brand marketers can also advertise through merchandising and streamering. Or brand marketers can launch a full-blown campaign and include all types of advertising for one communication material.