The Super Bowl is one of the most watched shows in American television every year. People purposely take time off to watch the game with their families and friends.

Some people even host their own Super Bowl parties yearly just to show how much the event means to them. However, the game is not the only show that people anticipate on Super Bowl Sunday.People also tune in to watch commercials and advertisements of different products and services. As such, companies and businesses tend to prepare for Super Bowl Sunday because they are aware of the number of people who watch the game. They make up commercials that are eye-catching and interesting for the viewers so that people would remember their company.

This year, one of the best Super Bowl commercials that were seen was from In the commercial, a man’s life was shown starting from the day he was born up until the day he had to buy a car.He was shown to be a confident young boy even at the time when he was born by congratulating the doctor who helped his mother give birth to him.

As a young boy, he persuaded his parents to let him stay up late through the use of a visual presentation and speech.At school, he walked up to a girl he liked and gave his number to her because he was sure that the girl would give him a call. It is also important to mention that the girl was much older than him. He then graduated from high school and applied in Princeton University as a Dean. He also had the chance to perform an open heart surgery in front of a crowded opera house using only a ball point pen.

This man was very confident and sure of himself until the time he had to buy a car. It was evident that he was unsure of what kind of car to buy, just like every normal person would feel. This is where would come in the picture. The commercial indicates that what this man, and every other person out there, needs is the help of when it comes to choosing the right car for him.

While watching the commercial, it is obvious that the company wants to attract the attention of everyone but most especially young people who are unsure of themselves most of the time. They want to impart the message that if people use the services of their company, they would not have a hard time deciding what to car to buy for their intended budget.They believe that buying a car is not as easy as buying apples from the grocery store. Cars come in different sizes, colors, models, engines, tires, and so on and if a person does not have the first clue about cars in general, he or she might experience difficulty choosing a car or worse, he or she might choose the wrong car.This commercial is effective in its purpose, which is to assure the consumers that they can help them in terms of choosing the right car for them. The storyline was deeply thought of and at the same time, it was creative and interesting for the viewers.

It also showed how serious the company is in its claim because of how the commercial was made. It was not like other commercials that tried to grab the attention of the viewers through funny storylines or unforgettable slogans.