Additionally, coming up with a social media promotional concept shouldn't try to make an impression with the younger enervation's flow of media but instead should try to influence social web decisions in a positive and convincing way. Theoretically this will sway other people online in a relevant cascade of word-of-mouth marketing. That's the social network effect, which leads to another big challenge. Failure to handle online marketing correctly can and will backfire. Any negative consequences will almost certainly go viral, so a flawed social media marketing program can work against your company and your product.This common problem of not connecting with the younger generation through social Edie as well as the marketing strategy and advertising concepts that should be used to connect with the social media generation.

This paper also shows the approach necessary to each strategy which goes along with the connection to those being marketed to through social media. Introduction To begin to understand the approaches needed to connect with the generation of social media, it is necessary to understand social media itself.The social Web is made up submitted online media where news, photos, videos and bedposts are made public via social media Web sites by the user's own participation. Most sites are armorial accompanied with a voting process to make media Items become popular. Social media can be described as a many-to-many model, rooted In conversations through various channels. In order to develop a marketing plan that will "connect" with the online audience, separate arenas: Social platforms, Social content, and Social interactions.

Social platforms include personal social networks such as Backbone, Twitter, and Namespace.These online communities are created by individual companies and other organizations. Social media role in marketing depends on your business and how it best fits the deeds of your business. It also depends on the effort you are willing to put forward when it comes to social media.

Business networking has never been easier. In our technical world your next business prospect could only be a mouse-click away. Problem Statement Developing a marketing plan or advertising strategy to exploit social media is a challenge for businesses.The effort is there but most businesses lack the research necessary to correctly connect with their target social media audience. Too often marketing plans are focused on making an impression on the younger generation's low of media but will soon realize that this method is ineffective and will not reach their audience. There is no questioning the capabilities and upside that social media offers to companies who can provide a marketing campaign that is able to breach the realm of social media.

Is there a way to build a marketing strategy that can pierce the social media realm?And, what strategies must be avoided in order to be successful? Purpose Statement This paper, will describe the approach needed in order to build and foster a healthy marketing strategy aimed at social media users. It will also highlight what strategies to avoid, as well as, strategies other companies are using and whether they are effective. This paper will also include information and research about what social media consists of in order to help understand the best ways to approach it. Research Questions There are four main questions for this study. A) What problems do businesses face when using social media to market or form a marketing plan, (b) What are the most effective approaches to social media marketing, (c) How are effective approaches implemented, and (d) What is social media and who uses it.

These questions are proposed in order to help find effective approaches that can be used in social media marketing. These questions also help reveal common marketing blunders when it comes to social media and what to avoid. IQ . What problems occur when implementing a marketing plan into social media?SQ. What are the most effective approaches to social media marketing? SQ.

What strategies are used to implement effective approaches? SQ. What is social media and how does it relate to marketing? Hypotheses HOI. There are no significant problems that occur when implementing a marketing Lana into social media. Hal. There are significant problems that occur when implementing a marketing plan into social media.

H2O. There are no effective approaches to social media marketing. H2o. There are effective approaches to social media marketing.

HUH.There are no significant strategies used to implement effective approaches. Ha. There are significant strategies used to implement effective approaches.

HUH. Social media is not significant and does not relate to marketing. Ha. Social media is significant and does relate to marketing. Definition of Key Content Marketing. Content Marketing is marketing technique which creates and distributes relevant and valuable content in order to attract and engage an understood target audience.

(Cramer) Latent Segmentation. Latent Segmentation uses techniques based around clustering and data reduction.It uses a number of underlying statistical models to capture differences between observed data. (Lorenz-Roomer) Predictive Analysis. Predictive Analysis is a variety of techniques from statistics, modeling, and data mining that analyze current and past facts to make predictions about future events.

Aquinas) Research Methodology. Research Methodology is the process used to collect information and data for the purpose of making business decisions. (Seekers) Social Computation. Social Computation has to do with supporting any sort of social behavior in or through computational systems.

It is based on creating or recreating social conventions and social contexts through the use of software and technology. (Seekers) Social Interaction. Social Interaction is an interpersonal relationship or association between two or more people that may include online interactions. (Lorenz-Roomer) Social Media. Social Media is for social interaction, using highly available and accessible publishing techniques. Social Networking Sites (SINS).

Social Networking Sites used to describe any Website that enables users to create public profiles within that Website and form relationships. Larson-del-Ammo) Brief Review of Literature In "Transforming Social Media into Predictive Analytics", the article discusses the move of corporate organizations to leverage "cryptographic" and social media data to predict positive or negative analytics (Aquinas). Some companies tweak their ability to monitor the social media networks but others go one step farther by fusing social media data with a method of predictive analysis. The article warns about remaining stuck reacting to what happened on Social Media yesterday.

The article also does a good Job of showing some of the pitfalls that must be avoided, while also explaining that it is important to go straight to the source. The Garner research analyst Jenny Using revealed that companies monitor consumer criticism of their brands from social media like Twitter and Linked (Aquinas). She adds that companies capitalize n social analytics as a way to measure the cost and value of their advertising operation. They used data collected from social media sites such as Twitter and Linked in their own collection of data used to find out the best way to reach a specific television audience.The article, "Using Twitter for Promotion and Branding: A Content Analysis of Local Television Twitter sites" was a content analysis of the Twitter sites of 488 local television stations in the United States, based on a deliberate and tactical model of media promotion. The primary goal of local elevation stations is to attract audiences and to keep them which translates into ratings and ultimately, advertising dollars (Greer).

One finding of the study was that news stories were the most commonly occurring items on the sites.However, stations that offered news items also rarely promoted their regular newscasts. The article helped show how networks over time need to have a flexible structure because they are always changing. Flexible changes are used to make ties in the Social network systems enable users to provide information about themselves which the internet facilitates. This form of communication goes beyond what can be experienced in face-to-face traditional communication.

Overall, stations did not appear to use Twitter to direct viewers to the station's on-air programming. Experiments in Social Computation" was an article describing social computation experiments conducted at the University of Pennsylvania in which participants were asked to solve computational tasks through local, networked interactions (Seekers). Its experimental designs have often emphasized collective problem solving, it is unavoidable fact that humans make up the collective, and personal decision making, tragedies, and personalities influence the outcomes According to the article, connected minorities were able to override majority choices in networks.Topics included crowd sourcing, collective action, obstinacy, biased voting, and network bargaining (Seekers).

Research methodology is described, and charts and diagrams of experiments, graphical user interfaces, and the results were included. Social media has helped provide a world with no limits and the article, "Addressing the Challenges of Social Media in a Global Market" helps address the challenges that stand in the ay of reaching that dream. A major challenge that must be navigated is that of communication and social differences in diverse geographies.A majority of fortune 1000 brand managers responded positive to social media impact. They feel that social media is a great opportunity to reach existing and potential customers around the world, but they also indicated that they are lacking the tools and information necessary to leverage global social media effectively (Greening-poplar).

The article discusses businesses' use of social media to market their brands internationally in bite of challenges such as language barriers and time zone differences.This article also explained some good practices that should be applied in the area of global social media. For example, while social media is relatively new as a communication medium, the basic principles of good communication still apply. It also shows how they localize content to a specific country's audience (Greening-poplar). The article also mentions Buddy Media Inc.

's 2012 study on the use of social media marketing in the Asia-Pacific region. In this study, "Segmentation of Users of Social NetworkingWebsites" the typology of networked consumers in The Netherlands, was centered on an online survey and acquired using latent segmentation analysis (Lorenz-Roomer). This method is based on the regularity with which users perform diverse activities, their socio-demographic variables, social networking experience, and patterns of interaction. The results presented new insights for marketing strategists desiring to use the communication potential of online social networks and for marketers willing to explore the potential of online networking as a low-cost, efficient replacement to rotational networking approaches (Lorenz-Roomer).The article also shows how dynamism and marketing prospective of social media, primarily social networking sites, highlight the need for a better understanding of social networking sites users.

The main objective of the survey used in this article was to obtain information about Dutch consumers' experiences and general usage of the internet, and their particular use of social networking sites. The findings also present researchers of social behavior with interesting insights into the role of online social networks as a platformSite Users: A Latent Segmentation Approach" discusses Social Networking Sites (Sins) and how they have shown an exponential growth in the last years (Larson-del-Ammo). The first step for an efficient use of Sins stems from an understanding of the individuals' behaviors within these sites. In their research, they have obtained a typology of Social Networking Sites users through a latent segmentation approach, based on the frequency by which users perform different events within the Sins, socio-demographic variables, experience in Sins, and dimensions associated to their interaction patterns.

Four different segments have been obtained. The 'introvert' and 'novel' users are the more sporadic. They utilize Social Networking Sites mainly to communicate with friends, although 'introverts' are more passive users. The 'versatile' user performs different activities, although occasionally (Larson-del-Ammo). Finally, the 'expert-communicator' performs a grander variety of activities with a higher frequency.

They tend to perform some marketing-related activities such as commenting on ads or gathering information about products and brands as well as omitting ads.The companies can take advantage of these segmentation schemes in different ways: first, by tracking and monitoring information interchange between users regarding their products and brands. Second, they should match the Social Networking Sites users' profiles with their market targets to use Social Networking Sites as marketing tools. Finally, for most business, the expert users could be interesting opinion leaders and potential brand influences. On the other hand, the managerial implications of Sins for any kind of organization are yet to be explored as they possess multiple communication possibilities and influence power.

In, "Backbone Stories: A Stroke of Content Marketing Genius? " the article presents the author's views on Backbone Web resource. It shows how fascinating the display of power social media can have on people's lives (Cramer). It explains how even Backbone is all about keeping eyes glued to the page. If social media and Backbone can help facilitate that kind of change on a global scale then there must be many interesting and more personal stories that can be told.