The effects of applying computer technology to Information System are as discussed below: ; Speed of processing and retrieval of data Increases: Modern business situations Invariably call for systems capable of providing relevant information with minimal loss of time. Manual system, howsoever well organized, often falls to match the demand for Information for decision-making. Computer with Its unbelievably fast computational capability and systematic storage of Information with random access facility has emerged as an answer to the problems faced in modern days management.The speed of computer processing is in new range I.

E. An operation takes only billionths of a second. This characteristic of computer has accounted for as a major factor in inducing MIS development. Scope of use of information system has expanded: The importance and utility of information systems was realized by most of the business organizations after the induction of computers for MIS development. System experts in business organizations developed areas and functions, where computerized MIS could be used to Improve the working of the concern.

These types of applications are not feasible under the manual system.For example, online systems can provide Information to various users sitting at a remote distance from a centrally located computer system. Scope of analysis widened: The use of computer can provide multiple type of information accurately and in no time to decision makers. Such information equips an executive to carry out a thorough analysis of the problems and to arrive at the final decision.

Computer is capable of providing various types of sales reports, which re useful in analyzing the sales department working and to ascertain their weakness so that adequate measures may be taken in time. Complexity of system design and operation increased: After the inclusion of computer for MIS development, system experts faced problems in designing system and their operations because of the non-availability of experts in the initial stage. But In the present situation, the computer manufacturers have developed some Important programs (software) to help their users. Also, private agencies are there to develop programs to cater to the pacified needs of their customers either on consultancy basis or on contract.Integrates the working of different information subsystem: There are number of subsystems like production, material, marketing, finance, engineering and personnel which constitute MIS.

Each of these sub systems are required to provide information to support operational control, management control and strategic planning. Such information may be available from a common data base which meets the information requirements of different information sub system by utilizing the revises of computers for storage, processing, analyzing and providing such information as and when required.Increases the effectiveness of Information Systems: Before the existence of computer technology, It was difficult to provide the relevant Information to business executives In time even after Incurring huge expenses. The use of computer technology has overcome this problem, by providing timely, accurate and desired More comprehensive information: The use of computer for MIS enabled system expert to provide more comprehensive information to executives on business matters.