Computer information system (CICS) is a field studying computers and algorithmic processes, including their principles, their software and hardware designs, their applications, and their impact on society while IS emphasizes functionality over design. Any specific information system aims to support operations, management and decision making. In a broad sense, the term is used to refer not only to the information and communication technology (ACT) that an organization uses, but also to the way in which people interact with this technology in support of business processes.

Some authors make a clear distinction between information systems, computer systems, and business processes. Information systems typically include an CIT component but are not purely concerned with 'CT, focusing instead on the end SE of information technology. Information systems are also different from business processes. Information systems help to control the performance of business processes. Alter argues for advantages of viewing an information system as a special type of work system.

A work system is a system in which humans and/or machines perform work (processes and activities) using resources to produce specific products and/or services for customers. An information system is a work system whose activities are devoted to processing (capturing, transmitting, storing, retrieving, manipulating and displaying) information. As such, information systems inter-relate with data systems on the one hand and activity systems on the other. An information system is a form of communication system in which data represent and are processed as a form of social memory.An information system can also be considered a semi-formal language which supports human decision making and action.

Information systems help provide structure and access to information. Since libraries build, manage, and maintain information systems, librarians and LIST students are often propelled onto the front lines of interactions between library seers and technology. But what do librarians need to know to best meet their patron's needs? Information expert Rattan uses plain language, humor, and everyday examples like baseball and arithmetic to make sense of "information systems" .He also explores their characteristics, uses, abuses, advantages, and shortcomings for your library. Fun exercises and appendices are provided to illustrate key points in the book and measure understanding. You can be a technophobe and still learn about systems and subsystems to represent, organize, retrieve, network, secure, conceal, measure, and manage information.

This expert coursework addresses both theoretical and practical issues, and is complete with exercises, examples, terms, and charts that help clarify concepts to make your information system a success. Information systems have significantly transformed the way business is conducted. In today's society it would be pretty difficult to find an organization that does not use some form of technology, automation or information system to help run its operational and daily transactional processes. Computer technology has become so highly integrated in the business environment it is often hard to remember a time hen organizations operated without it.The benefits technology offers are very valuable and this is the primary reason why many businesses opt to invest in information systems.

Increased Productivity When automation takes over some of the burden of the more mundane and routine tasks, the rapid speed increases productivity. In addition employees are free to work on other important tasks that require human thinking. The time computer information systems frees up also gives both management and their staffs the ability to have time to brainstorm and come up with new and innovative ideas since the ruder of some of the everyday tasks are lifted.Less Redundancy and Better Data Integrity Computer information systems can be programmed to have amazing ability to eliminate duplicates, point out inconsistencies and merge data together to make it more manageable. This heightens the ability for higher degrees of accuracy and efficiency.

Data integrity means the data is more reliable due to the capabilities of automation. Increased Efficiency Inputting data into information systems where it can be sorted, filed and processed is highly efficient. Long gone are the days of filing cabinets, missing papers, misfiled comments and other important details.If information is needed, all it takes is a few clicks of the mouse or a few works typed in and all the information immediately pops right up. Streamlining of Processes Instead of having separated computer systems for different parts of a business, modern information systems allow systems to be streamlined. No longer do different staff members have to input and file the same information for their own purposes and needs.

Instead data goes into one central place and IT personnel set up user privileges which are typically on a need to know basis and employees can access which areas of the information system they need to perform their Jobs.Better Profitability Levels Initially investing in computer information systems is a large investment, but when strategically planned through proper system analysis, the investment in information systems can pay off handsomely over the long term. The key is to think of the organization's mission, objectives and overall business plan and ensure the implemented information system meets these goals. With proper planning a company can simultaneously maximize profit while decreasing overhead costs. The possibilities of using information systems in business are endless.While there are some challenges to overcome when making the transition to new kinds of automation, with strategic thinking, good technical planning and an overall willingness to embrace change through technology, there are many terrific advantages of integrating information systems in any organization.

ALUMNI Alumni information system is an example of web application which is under the information systems. It helps an academic institution in tracking its alumni. Also, it helps the alumni to communicate with the institution through the use of the internet.It also helps the alumni to get updated with the latest news and upcoming vents of the institution. This application can easily be accessed through the use of the internet which will be very useful to the alumni because they can keep in touch with the institution even if they do not visit the school.

This application can be very useful especially to those alumni who are now living abroad because they can still get connected with their fellowmen and the institution. Nowadays, computer has infiltrated all the aspects of our society. The computer is most likely one of the great technological mechanism for future change.It can now simply make our works easier and lighter. With this great thing it won't be more useful without the computer's software.

Software is a generic term for organized collections of computer data and instructions, often broken into two major categories: system software that provides the basic non-task-specific functions of the computer, and application software which is used by users to accomplish specific tasks. SCOPE OF THE PROJECT WORK A website requires attractive design and proper arrangement of links and images, which enables a browser to easily interpret and access the properties of the site.Hence it provides the browser with adequate information and functionality about the organization, community, network etc. This sites use to view information of alumni, job vacancy details. The current happening information showing in the page. The alumni are old students are registering their information in the department.

Here the department organizing the any activities is inserting in the site. This web site is totally full of information and details of person Joined with that institute. This project is to modify, add store data of each and every individual.ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION Introduction A to Z Compute is one of the foremost technical and well experienced Computer Institute. It offers Diploma Courses, Higher Diploma Courses, Post Graduate Diploma Courses, Certified Courses, Individual Courses, Project Works, Implant Training, Soft Skill Training, Web Designing, and Software Development in various streams and Aims to provide Quality Computer Education.

Origin The Institute was established in June 1996 in Chemical, headed by J. Essential Kumar, The Managing Director, and a visionary with 18 years of experience in the Field of IT.The Institute was certified by International Standard Organization (ISO 9001:2008). Quality policy A to Z Compute aim to provide superior Computer Education in convivial and artistic environment with disciplined, Dedicated and Corporate regulations.

Vision Vision is to bring up the computer skills, Innovative ideas and talents of each and every individual student from rural area and make them to participate in team for the Development of our nation. By providing Quality, time bound and cost-efficient Computer Education.Mission [The ultimate goal of A to Z Compute is to have its own identity in the Computer Training industry as a most trusted trainer in all aspects and a one stop solution for high quality, time bound and cost effective Institute. A to Z Compute is committed to maintain 100% student's satisfaction by certain values Deep Integrity & Ensuring Code of Conduct Precious Timekeeping & Highest level of Training Potential Leadership with an Energetic Team Sufficient Infrastructure for anytime Expansion Continuous Growth & 100% Success Leadership and Team A to Z Compute are an Institute with diverse talents & skills.