reasons why Rome fell
their leader died; German people came in and took over; corrupt government; west part fell not the east, East became the Byzantine Empire
what way did humans roam the earth
Hunting and gathering system
hunting and gathering system
humans wandered the earth to follow animals for food; men hunt for food, an example would be deers; they did this because the women were responsible for everything else and in this world people were viewed as equally important; gender roles were very defined, and humans lead a nomadic lifestyle; it wasn't until the discovery of seed in vegetative planting, that human created permanent settlements
what was the turning point
Discovery of seed and vegetative planting, that humans created permanent settlements
some settlements remain small, while others florist. The settlements became known as civilizations. What are the six aspects of civilization
cities, government, religion, social structure, writing, art
The achievements of the Roman empire
The concept of civilization reached a peak with the Roman empire. code (civil law) 2.Government
law code
written down and posted in public; apply to all people; "innocent till proven guilty"; "defend yourself before a judge"
Who said I for an I
what does defend yourself before Judge mean
have a trial
democratic Republic; elected officials insistence could vote
Coliseum, aqueducts, houses, etc.
The fall of Rome
The main reason Rome fell was due to overexpansion
over expansion and Rome
lack of modern technology; lack of money to maintain security; increased taxation on low and middle classes;didn't have enough money to pay people; needed better weapons;after the death of Marcus Aurelious, turmoil rocked the Roman empire
when was rome invaded and captured
The Byzantine Empire
as the Western Roman empire crumbled, the eastern half became known as the Byzantine Empire
what was the capital of the Byzantine Empire
named after Emperor Constantine in 330, it connects the Mediterranean and Black Sea, this is important for transportation; Constantinople was both a Greek and Christian state It carried on Roman traditions after the Western Roman world collapsed
under who did the Byzantine empire reached it's peak
Justinian;527 to 565
he tried to reestablish the Roman Empire for military dominance; also created the body of civil law, or the Justinian code; Brought Byzantime empire to its glory days; Hagia Sophia after a fire
justinans code
restructured Roman laws to make sense
Hagia Sofia
means holy wisdom; a church
Byzantine Christianity
christianity was highly influential, yet practice differently. These differences would lead to conflict; this was the first major problem them that led to the great schism; The major differences was the leader of the church. Instead of the pope, depositing emperor was the head of the church. Although he was not a priest, he was appointed to the patriarch; The church begins to divide with controversy over idol worship or holy images, leading to violent battles which led to bloodshed; the separation of eastern orthodox in the Roman Catholic Church was known as the great schism
highest church official in Constantinople
what was the Greco-Roman civilization
blending of the cultures Greek and Hellenistic achievements
The Romans greatly admired Greek culture; true or false
since the Romans liked Greek culture so much what to they do
they took Greek ideas and adapted them to their own ways
what was the greatest legacy of Rome
it's commitment to rule of law and to justice
savior sent by God to lead to Jews from freedom
10 Commandments
A collection of laws that Jews believe God gave them
small group
what happened after the death of the end for Marcus Aurelius
turmoil rocked the Roman empire and caused it to eventually split into two parts, the east and west each with its own ruler. In the west a corrupt government, poverty and unemployment, and declining moral values contributed to the decline. Germanic peoples along the northern borders began to claim territory from the weekend empire. Then foreign invaders marched into Italy and, in 1476, took over rome itself. But the Roman empire did not disappear from the map. The eastern Roman empire continued to prosper under the Emperor Constantine and other emperors. In time, the eastern Roman empire would become known as the Byzantine empire.
describe the civilization that developed in the Roman world
Greco Roman civilization; Rome was like a bridge between the east and the west by borrowing in transforming Greek and Hellenistic achievements, and this is what created Greco Roman civilization. The Romans like the Greek so much they used some of their ideas and made them their own. One of the best things was the commitment to rule of law and to justice
describe what happened to the eastern part of the Roman empire. Identify the person most responsible for this
The eastern part of the Roman empire face the death of the emperor Marcus in AD 180, which made a huge effect on the Roman empire. The death cause it to split the empire into two parts were each part had its own ruler, so the Eastside had a ruler and the west side had a ruler. The Westside had an awful government, poverty and unemployment and declining more values.
explain why Constantinople was known as the new rome
he shifted their base to the eastern Mediterranean. Constantinople acknowledged Christianity as a legal religion, rebuilt Greek city of Byzantine in named it after him and later became capital of the empire. Constantinople was a vile center of the empire, he had a harbor that was guarded all the time. Constantinople also commanded key trade routes we can Europe and Asia
four major contributions justinanian made to the Byzantine empire
making a program to make Constantinople grander than ever, rebuilding the church of Hagia Sophia, just Justinians code, making a strong military
The major differences between the church in the East and in the west include
Byzantine christians placing some emphasis on Christmas, celebrating Jesus being born, compared to Christians in the west. Also the iconoclists controversy, which which was a dispute over the use of icons or holy images. Later an emperor outlawed the veneration of icons for it worshiping graven images. The band lead to setting off battles with in the empire. On the west, pope joined in on condemning the Emperor.
explain why the great schism occurred
because they didn't know who was their leader
sole ruler with complete authority
holy images
Justinians wife
A large territory in which several groups of people are ruled by a single leader government
Byzantine Empire
The eastern half of the Roman empire, which survived after the fall of the Western empire at the end of the fifth century CE. It's capital was Constantinople; it lasted until 1453 CE when he was conquered by the Turks
moved roman capital to byzantium and renamed it constantinople
Byzantine emperor
A formal division in the church or religious body
Eastern orthodox church
A Christian religion that arose in the empire; split from Roman Catholic Church in shape life in Eastern Europe and western Asia
germanic tribes
groups invaded the Roman empire; they attacked and burn the capital city of Rome; they led to the collapse of the Western Roman empire
Government controlled by religious leaders
worshiping of an image of God
why is the empire important
because is important reason my Christianity survived and is some did not sweep across Europe; is the reason why we are Christians today
example of a Roman military officer
Constantine made two decisions that would change history for European in middle eastern, what were they
making Christianity legal standing within the empire and he moved the imperial capital from Rome to Byzantine
a small Seaside trade town in modern-day Turkey
what were the two reasons that Constantine relocated the government
he wanted to be able to pay closer attention to challenges from Persia and the Germanic tribes along the Danube River, he also wanted to be near the spiritual and cultural richness of cities like Jerusalem, Nicomedia and ancient troy
when did the turks capture Constantinople
what emperor was the one that never sleeps
in the years after Constantine, and replace Creek as the language of court in the church, though Greek remain the language heard on the street.
why is byzantine history compared to an accordion
it expanded and collapse like an accordion
what was the new name of the Turks gave Constantinople
Istanbul and made islam the official religion
attackers that take over land
what document legalized Christianity in Constantinople, and who wrote it
edict of Milan/Constantine
which part of Rome fell
identify the six aspects of civilization
writing, art, cities, government, religion, social structure
what was the language in the Byzantine Empire
what was the language in Rome
what period Followed the fall of Rome
dark ages
what famous church did Justin and rebuild and how did it fall and what is it now
hagia sofia/ fell buy fire/museum
what does Hagia Sofia translate to
holy wisdon
what famous Law codes did Romans copy after
Hammurabi's code
Who was in charge of the church before the split
The Emperor or Constantine
what famous Roman structure help with getting clean water
Who founded Constantinople
what type of government did Romans invent
democratic republic
what new laws did Rome make up
trial by peers/judge
what caused him to fall in one word
what brand new religion arose after the church split
Eastern orthodox
what is the name of Justianians wife
invention of what caused walls to fall
gunpowder/cannons (three walls)
Constantinople was located between what two bodies of water
The Black Sea in the Mediterranean
name of the church splitting
The great schism
what is the number one achievement of Justianian
Justinians code
Women and men are equal
Hunter and gathering system
what is the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church
Who captured Constantinople
nova Rama means
New rome
most significant feature of aqueducts
The arcs
why did justinian name his wife Theodora
where was Byzantium located, And why was it chosen
strait of Bosporus;this site was chosen because it connects two continents Asia and Europe
Who rebuilt the Empire
Constantine and although it was built to be nova Roma, it was named after its founder and was called Constantinople(christianity)
what practical problem faced a growing population of Constantinople, and what solution was constructed during the reign of the emperor valens. to address this problem
too many people and not enough water so they built more aqueducts
indicative of the architectural legacy of the Roman empire, the most significant architectural feature of the aqueducts was
the archs
video notes
when threatened by attacks from the Huns, the emperors and engineers of Constantinople constructed a concentric series of walls to repel enemy troops. The engineers used limestone mortar in the construction to provide a slight amount of flexibility in case of a devastaing earthquake
like the later Mongols The Huns were experts in fighting on what
after the fall of the Western Roman empire the eastern Roman empire continued. The emperor Justinian tried to re-create the glory of the Roman empire. Upon taking the throne as the new emperor, justinian named his wife Theodora to be a co-ruler
what was Justianian
this means that not only was he a monarch, but he was a monarch that ruled with complete authority over both the government and the church
The high taxes and strict laws of Justinian promoted the people of Constantinople to riot after sporting events at the hippodrome. The supporters of the colorful teams took the riots in the streets resulting in mayhem
who was mayhem
name of that guy that falls off the roof fixing the antenna in the Allstate commercials
although he was going to flee for saftey, Justinian listened to his wife Theodora and stayed. What was his response to the riots a week later
just Denian said that he had gone so far why would he quit now so he took his people and went to the hippodrome in kills all the rebels at once about 30,000 people
what was the dominant architectural feature of the church
what happened after just in the end built up a strong military
important legacy of Justianian
Justinian had his legal consultants gather in codify all Roman laws into the code of civil law. This is usually referred to as just Justinians code. Laws formed the basis of the laws in western Europe, the British Isles in the New World. The actual law books can be found in library of every law firm in America, because the laws are still used today
Who is a strong Byzantine Emperor that suffered a military defeat early in his rain at the hands of the Bulgarian king
Basil ll
how did Basil ll seek revenge on his neighboring enemies
in 1014 the Byzantine Emperor defeated the Bulgarians and captured 14,000 prisoners. He blinded all of them. Leaving every 100 man with one eye for them to be able to guide them home
why didn't he just kill them instead of blind them
not killing them but taking their eyes sent a message that he was in control and when you sent them back they had to take care of them so it was their disadvantage
Constantinople change to what after the Muslims took control of the city
how did the expansion of the Byzantine Empire help encourage trade from Europe to Asia as new people were drawn into their conquers economies in trade networks
it made them use trade as a way to get closer so it encourages getting along
following the collapse of the western half of the Roman empire how did the Byzantine Empire combine traditional sources of power in legality with innovations
using Greek ideas and making them their own, crossed Christianity with the empire so they were able to practice it, using justinians code and taxation on lower and middle classes because of overexpansion