reason immigrants opposed slavery
represented unfair labor competition
Dred Scot decision
slaves were viewed as property not citizens
California state constitution's position on slavery
outlawed slavery
aspects of the Fugitive Slave Act
-fugitives were not allowed to testify on their own behalf -anyone convicted of helping a runaway slave was fined and jailed -fugitives were not entitled to a trial by jury
aspects of the Compromise of 1850
-California admitted as a free state -Popular Sovereignty for Utah and New Mexico -more effective Fugitive Slave Laws
political results of American Civil War
gave gov't supreme national authority
significance of the Kansas Nebraska Act
repealed the Missouri Compromise
site where Lee formally surrendered to Grant
Appomattox Court House
goal of the creation of the Republican Party
to stop the expansion of slavery in the new territories
Gettysburg address was ______days and the _____won.
3 days and the North won
What significant event happened at Harpers Ferry
John Brown took the arsenal to start a slave revolt
Causes for food shortages in the south during the Civil War
-drain on man power -union occupation of food growing areas -the loss of slaves to work the fields
Military strategy for the Confederacy during the Civil War
have a long lasting war and gradually wear down the Union's will to fight
What was the result of the Emancipation Proclamation
free all slaves living in states that were in rebellion
result of the Battle of Shiloh
opened the eyes to the public on how terrible this war was
what was significant about the presidential election of 1860
Lincoln won due to division of the Democratic Party
Significance of the Presidential election of 1796
John Adams won and it revealed sectionalism developing in America
What was the start of the Civil War
Confederate attack Fort Sumter (Feature Article Fin 486 Final Exam)
Significance of the District of Columbia
the cite of new capital of America to appease the southerners
How did the south win the Seven Day Battle
by out maneuvering the North
What was the initial reason for the Bank of the United States
created to hand tax receipts and other government funds
What was significant about the Battle of Vicksburg
last confederate stronghold on the Mississippi river and the Union won
What was a result of the Judiciary Act of 1789
set up 3 federal courts and 13 district courts
Military results of the Civil War
-the rifle and mini ball -primitive hand grenades -ironclads were developed
result of the "Great Compromise"
created a bicameral system
Articles of Confederation gave states how many seats in Congress
each state only would receive one seat in Congress
what was the initial plan of the Constitutional Convention of 1787
address the issue of trade and other national concerns
result of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787
set the requirements and process for territories to become a state in the Union
Requirements to become a state in the Union
-Congress appoints a territory Governor and judges -over 60,000 voting residents in the territory meant you could write a constitution -over 5,000 voting residents the territory could elect their own local government officials
result of the XYZ affair
allow the Americans to meet with foreign minister Telleyrand
Early factories that developed in America allowed....
unskilled workers the ability to create/make goods that skilled workers could produce
Accomplishment of the Alien and Sedition Acts
meet the growing concern for foreign radicals in America
A goal of the Spoils System
to prevent office holders from becoming inefficient and corrupt
a result of the Presidential Election of 1800
caused the creation of the 12th amendment
a reason for the Monroe Doctrine
prevent any European powers from expanding into North America
a goal of Midnight Judges
to increase the number of federal judges
interests of national unity should be placed ahead of all regional concerns
result of the famous "duel"
Aaron Burr shot and killed Alexander Hamilton
result of the Industrial Revolution
-the world saw the replacement of hand tools by machines
reason America was ideal place for Industrial Revolution
-coal -rushing rivers -iron ore
the result of the Supreme Court Case Marbury vs. Madison
established Judicial Review
result of the Whiskey Rebellion
gov't showed it had control over domestic affairs by stopping the rebellion
accomplished in the Louisiana Purchase
America bought land from France
Limitations with the original Constitution
-didn't apply to slaves -didn't mention women and all -didn't address discrimination issues with minorities in America
Causes for the build up to the War of 1812
-Britain and France already at war -both Britain and France were imposing blockades against America -British practice of impressement
Causes for US settlers to go to Texas
help protect against border violations
item that came from America to Europe in the Columbian Exchange
Factor that caused Mexico to lose the war to America in 1846
Mexico had inferior military leaders
Difference in slavery in the northern colonies compared to the southern colonies
north slaves did have some legal standing
purpose of the "pet banks"
eliminate the Bank of the United States
difference between New England farms and southern colonial farms
New England farms produced several different cash crops
result of the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848
reason the indentured servant numbers declined
reports of hardship in the new world spread back to Europe
Purpose of the Erie Canal
link the Hudson River to Lake Erie
This caused t he Chesapeake Region to grow in the 1700s
growth exports
result of the Missouri Compromise of 1820
Maine entered the Union as a free state
Ways Christopher Columbus was heroic and historic
-found America -opened the Columbian Exchange -proved the world wasn't flat
Ways Christopher Columbus was horrific and a true injustice
-stole gold and silver -enslaved and mass genocide to the natives in America -stole land from the natives in America
characteristic of Jacksonians
majority of the party consisted of the middle class
why did Jamestown struggle
because their own/main focus was finding gold and silver
Things given to indentured servants
-food -shelter -free passage to America
problems for the American colonies after the French Indian War
-England tried to force the colonies to pay off the war debt -England wanted to maintain troops in America -England tried using writs of assistance to stop smuggling
significant fact about the Battle of New York
first battle where British General Howe and Washington faced off
Unique fact about the New Netherlands
it was settled by the Dutch and had a very diverse ethnic population
colonial who supported independence from Britain
results of the Navigation Acts
-helped England control the colonies exports
Olive Branch Petition
document sent from the colonies to Britain asking to return to harmony between the colonies and the King
what was unique about the "Glorious Revolution"
no blood was shed
The cause of the American Revolutionary War
British troops trying to seize ammunition from colonials in Concord
cause of the French and Indian War
started because the French were building a fort in an area that was promised to English colonial farmers
what caused the tide to turn in the French Indian War
William Pitt began to fund the war effort
one goal of the First Continental Congress
lay out their right to run their own affairs
outcomes of Mercantilism
-become self-sufficient -not depend on other nations for goods -create military alliances to protect the economy
Cause of the Boston Tea Party
Britain allowing the East India Company to sell tea to the colonies directly
the result of the Treaty of Paris ending the French and Indian War
England got all the land east of the Mississippi River
Animal that came to America from Europe in the Columbian Exchange
reason for the Stamp Act
help pay off war debt
Townshend Acts
indirect taxes or duties placed on imports
significance of the Battle of Cowpens
Morgan defeated Tarleton and was the most shocking victories for the Continental army in the whole war
Criticism of Common Sense
the kings treatment of the colonies
result of the Treaty of Paris
-confirmed Americas independence -set the boundaries of the new nation -allowed British to collect debts owed to them
The turning point of the Yorktown Battle
French navy was able to take control of the Chesapeake Bay
a colonial who remained loyal to the crown of England
significance of the Stamp Act protest
first time the colonies began to act as one
What started the Boston Massacre
men fighting for jobs in the shipyards
Goal of the Intolerable Acts
single out Massachusetts and detour any other acts against Britain
result of the Second Continental Congress meeting in May of 1775
began printing money to pay the soldiers