Phaethon: Don't let pride overcome common sensePegasus & Bellerophon: Don't try to be someone or something you are notEphialtes & Otis: Respect those above youDaedalus & Icarus: Always know your limits
Short Summary
Phaethon: A son of the sun god wants to ride his fathers chariot and ends up being killed Pegasus & Bellerophon: Bellerophon wanted to tame the pegasus and when he did he tried riding it up mt. olympus and the horse killed him in the process.Ephialtes & Otis: They capture ares and then the gods get mad and artemis tricks them into killing each other Daedalus & Icarus: They are imprisoned in a labyrinth and then daedalus builds wings so they can escape and Icarus flies too close to the sun and dies.
Key Characters
Phaethon: Phaethon, The Sun, Jove, ClymenePegasus & Bellerophon: Bellerophon, Pegasus, AthenaEphialtes & Otis: Otis, Ephialtes, Posiedon, ArtemisDaedalus & Icarus: Daedalus, Icarus, King Minos
Key Concepts
Phaethon: Don't let your desires get in the way of your health/ life. Pegasus & Bellerophon: One cannot let their pride get ahead of themEphialtes & Otis: Don't try to challenge what is not supposed to be changed Daedalus & Icarus: Don't push your limits for enjoyment
Phaethon: Phaethon represents pride and The Sun represents something unattainablePegasus & Bellerophon: Pegasus can symbolize downfallEphialtes & Otis: They can symbolize ambitionDaedalus & Icarus: Daedalus can symbolize knowledge