During what period of Japanese history was Chinese cultural influence not a good... (Couldn't understand the rest of the question)
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The (Nara and Heian?) period of Japan refers to an age when the Japanese did what?
The age when Japan sent scholars to China to learn about Chinese society.
What does a Japanese (Couldn't understand this part) resemble?
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Who was responsible for creating Japanese (Kama?)?
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What type of economy was employed by the later Han dynasty that elevated the status of merchants?
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How did the Japanese government resemble the government of the Tang dynasty in China
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The years between 1100 and 1185 are a big turning point in Japanese history. What happens during this time?
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Why did the Chinese have the concept of the mandate of heaven/son of heaven?
It gave the ruler legitimacy, and if there was some sort of reason showing that the ruler did have the right to rule, such as natural disasters, famine, or corruption, then the people had the right to rebel against the dynasty.
How did the Qin dynasty differ from the Zhou dynasty?
The Qin dynasty held a Legalistic stance when dealing with the peasants of China, but the Zhou dynasty had a more fuedal political system, where the peasants would be protected from invaders in return for labor.
What did the Chinese views of nature symbolize?
Harmony and balance.
What is a dynasty in China?
A dynasty is a political group that overthrows the last ruling power and begins to rule China. The emperors are hereditary. According to the dynastic cycle, dynasties will be repeatedly overthrown, since all dynasties will eventually become corrupt.
What were the governmental bureaucracies of the Han Chinese government?
The Chinese emperor met with 5 different offices per day: -taxes -laws -military -household (the emperor's palace) -public works
Who had the lowest stance in Chinese society?
What is the basic Confucian belief?
Telling the truth, even if it is not what the emperor wants to hear. (Telling your friend that he's overweight, even though it's mean).
What is one of China's key economic strengths?
High levels of technological innovation.
How would a Taoist believer and a Confucian believer disagree?
A Taoist believer would say that emperors should treat their people like straw dogs, so that they can learn to do things without the help of the emperor. (Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.) A Confucian would say that emperors should help his/her people in any way that they can.
Which emperor is responsible for connecting the Great Wall of China and creating the Terracotta Warriors?
Shi Huang Di.
What was the result of the Salt and Iron debate?
The Salt and Iron debates were between the Legalists, who believed that the government should hold monopolies, as they create income for the government, and the Confucians, who believed that the government should not have monopolies, in case the ruler becomes corrupt. The Confucians eventually win this debate.
What trademark did all of China's dynasties have to follow that was set by the Han dynasty?
Expand the borders of China.
The Han dynasty was the contemporary of what other great civilization at this time?
The Roman Empire.
What was the major accomplishment of the Han Confucian scholars?
Recovery of texts that Shi Huang Di burned. They also wrote much of the Han's history, believing that history was a guidebook.
What religion played a key role in the transmission of Chinese civilization to Japan?
What were the strengths of the Qin dynasty and what did they contribute to unify Chinese society?
He standardizes every aspect of his empire. He unifies the writing system, as well.
What caused the Qin dynasty to fall so quickly?
Shi Huang Di changed China too quickly, and the people could not adapt to the changes fast enough, so when Shi Huang Di died, rebellions broke out.
What is Shintoism?
Shintoism is the belief of worshiping a the forces of nature. It was commonly accepted in feudal Japan. The important families also had a Kami, a unique item in nature that represents the family. (ex. The Fujiwara family is represented by Mt. Fuji)
How was the Yamato family able to unify Japan? What ally did helped them unify Japan?
Korea. (Paekcha, Silla, and Koguryo)
In Japan, how did people who received land for 6 years pay taxes?
-crops -local products -labor
Japanese historical development during the middle ages demonstrates a striking parallel to what other region of the world at this time?
Western Europe.
What social class do Samurai come from?
Royal families.
During the Nara and Heian period, how did Japanese government resemble China?
The bureaucrats of China were meant to resemble Confucian scholars.
During Japanese history was there any tension or strife between the emperor and his bureaucracies?
No, his bureaucrats only told him what he wanted to hear.
What important clan dominated Japanese government for over 100 years?
How did the Fujiwara family secure their position of power?
They marry into the Yamato family.
Who were the first writers of Japanese literature?
Royal women.
What did the Pillow book of (Sei Shōnagon?) describe?
The life of a woman in the royal palace.
Why does Buddhism appeal to the Japanese?
The Samurai liked the idea of meditation. They also liked the devotion to duty.
How are the invasions of Kublai Khan repulsed?
There is a hurricane, which destroys the Kublai Khan's fleet (twice), which the people of Japan believe to be the emperor's doing. These hurricanes are called the Kamikaze, or divine wind.
Who creates the first Bakfu?
Tiara Kiyamori
What is the correct chronological order of the Japanese periods in history?
Nara and Heian, Kamakura, and Ashikaga
How did the economy change during the Ashikaga era?
Before the Ashikaga era, the Japanese economy was based on agriculture. Ashikaga changes this by telling merchants to trade more, so the products in the North can be available in the South and products in the South can be available in the North. He also increases the power of artisans, who begin to join powerful families.