What is the chemical equation for aerobic respiration? Identify the products and the reactants(and from where they originated.)
6O? + C?H??O? ? 6H?O + 6CO? + energyproducts: 6H?O + 6CO? + energyreactants: 6O? + C?H??O?H?? is oxidized from C?H??O?(creating 6CO?) and 6O? is reduced(creating 6H?O)
Write the equation for aerobic respiration in words.
6 oxygen + glucose ? 6 water + 6 carbon dioxide + energy
Why can the processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration be characterized as one cycle?
The products of one equation are the reactants of the other, and vice versa.

They require each other, because they need the products produced by the other.

Explain the cycle of photosynthesis and cellular respiration.
Step 1: Plant photosynthesizes producing oxygen and glucoseStep 2: Animal breathes in oxygen and consumes glucoseStep 3: Plant breaks down sugar moleculesStep 4: Animal releases carbon dioxideStep 5: Plant takes in carbon dioxideStep 6: Plant uses water and carbon dioxide to...

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How many molecules of ATP are generated during aerobic respiration? What is ATP used for?
- 38, but two are used in re-oxidation of H carrier molecule NAD( net yeild is 36)-stores energy
What molecule is required for aerobic respiration to occur?
Write the chemical equation for anaerobic respiration. Identify the products and the reactants and from where they originated.
-alcholic fermationC?H??O? ? 2CO? + 2C?H?O + energyproducts: 2CO? + 2C?H?O + energyreactants: C?H??O?2 Carbon and 4 oxygen are released leaving 2C?H?O-lactate fermationC?H??O? ? 2C?H?O? + energyproducts: 2C?H?O? + energyreactants: C?H??O?2C?H?O? is produced by C?H??O?
Why does anaerobic respiration yield fewer molecules of ATP than aerobic respiration?
anaerobic respiration occurs in unicellullar organisms so they do not require as much energy
Compare aerobic/anaerobic respiration
Aerobic-end in mitochondria-requires oxygen-36 ATPSame-begins with glucoseAnaerobic-end in cytoplasm-no oxygen-products lactate -or- oxygen and ethenol-2 ATP