By what name were the Southern Planters also known?
What three factors contributed to the differences between the Puritans and the Southern Planters? Explain.[created major difference]
1) The puritans saw the world as a source of temptation and sin that should be avoided; Plantar saw it is a place to be enjoyed and exploredThe Puritans would write practical stuff: essays, sermons, historical narratives Plantar writes more humorous things: satire - ridicules something in order to bring up change; has a point 2) Climate South: warm, soil soft and fertile; people made money from the tobacco and cottonPuritans: harsh, bitter winter3) EconomySouth: settled by aristocracy growing crops Puritans: based on the goods they can make, not large-scale farms until industrialization 4) Religion Puritans: God was a dominating force. Everything they did is because of God South: Religion was important by not domineering.

They had a very social life.

To what Church did most Southerners belong?
Church of England
Explain how William Byrd is a representative figure for the Southern writers of the Colonial Period.
He was truly a renaissance man; translated Greek and Latin works, composed original poetry, and wrote about mathematics and medicine.
Who settled largely in New England? In Virginia?
by those in conflict with British life
What did it mean for Byrd to be Cavalier?
worldly, sophisticated, and gentlemanly
Describe his upbringing.
the son of a wealthy landowner and merchant, but he was educated in England, where he spent half his life. In London, he acquired a passion for the theater, which the Puritans had once outlawed as immoral.

What was the name of his 2000 acre home in Virginia?
Of what is The History of the Dividing Line an account?
William Bryd who is a Southern Planter went with a group of men to find the boundary line between Virginia and North Caroline. The History of the Dividing line is record of that adventure filled with barbed commentary.
What is The Secret History?
He went on this expedition and wrote a PRIVATE JOURNAL filled with scandalous information about the other people on the expedition.
Tone of the History of the Dividing Line
How is Byrd's approach in this piece different from Bradford's account?
Bradford's account is respectful, thankful. 3rd person which made it objective.

Wrote very seriously and straight forward; plain style. Byrd's account is in 1st person point of view and it is subjective/biased. The language is ornate - make it look pretty - allusion, metaphor, simile.

What is satire?
The ironic, barbed approach. Byrd excels at satire, the use of ridicule to expose the shortcoming of things he observes.

Combination of humor and trying to make a point.

Of what are the Puritan diaries primarily a record?
spiritual examination
What does Byrd's diary record?
pleasures and practical concerns of a man of the world.