Jews that wanted to return to their homeland (Israel) and make it their independent homeland
Lovers of Zion
A group of Jewish people proposed a return to the ancient Jewish land of Palestine.

These groups were small and some did now know the existence of others.

booklet by Leo Pinsker, argued that the only way for Jews to escape the deeply-embedded anti-Semitism of European society was to form a secular Jewish state
Theodor Herzl
Austrian journalist and Zionist; formed World Zionist Organization in 1897; promoted Jewish migration to Palestine and formation of a Jewish state; wrote "The Jewish State"
Zionist Congress
1897, organized by theodore herzl, adopt national flag (basel), anthem, and raise money to make zionism a reality
Balfour Declaration
A 1917 statement by British foreign secretary Arthur Balfour that supported the idea of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
Chaim Weizmann
Israeli statesman who persuaded the United States to recognize the new state of Israel and became its first president
San Remo Conference
Awarded Britain the mandate for Palestine after it had been under international control.
Constitution of 1922
A proposal from High Commissioner Samuel that called for the creation of a legislative council composed of elected Muslim, Christian, and Jewish representatives. Ot was rejected by Arab leaders
Palestinian Arab Congress
Arab Executive created, but the British wouldn't recognize it
Hajj Amin
Al-Husayni, Mufti of Jerusalem. Served in Ottoman army and government.

Preached against jews, his speeches promoted violence against jews around 1936.

Jewish Agency
A quasi-government of the Jewish Community in Palestine that managed banking systems, health care, and immigration settlement
make jobs for people who are immigrating and protect in every way during british mandate.
Responsible for the victories of 1948 Arab-Israeli War, dominant political party in Israel from 1949 till 1968. First led by Ben Gurion, later by Levi Eshkol. Merged with a few other parties when support dropped to become a part of the Israeli Labor Party.

Very socialist.

Vladimir Jabotinsky
founder and leader of the Zionist Revisionist movement, which thought Weizmann was acting too slowly and called for a massive Jewish immigration into Palestine and the immediate proclamation of a Jewish commonwealth. Claimed historic Palestine included Transjoran
immigration of Jews to Israel
Jewish National Fund
a fund that was founded in 1901 to buy and develop land in Ottoman Palestine (later Israel) for Jewish settlement.
Wailing Wall
Jewish holy site in Jerusalem that is the only remaining portion of Solomon's temple
Walter Shaw
Asked to investigate violence near the wailing wall; British Government did not listen to his investigation
Passfield White paper
after the Wailing Wall Incident and Shaw/Hope-Simpson Commissions; restricted Jewish immigration to and land purchases in Palestine; rejected
Zionist military force engaged in violent resistance to British presence in Palestine in the 1940s.

Arab Higher Committee
formed in 1936 in response to a general Arab strike that was to continue until Britain granted the Arabs' demands for restrictions on immigration/land sales and the establishment of a democratic government. This Committee was a belated attempt to unify the factions within the Palestinian elite (Christians, Muslims, Nashashibis, al-Husseins, Istiqlal). It attempted to organize and coordinate the strike but didn't really do much.
Peel Commision
was a British Royal Commission of Inquiry set out to propose changes to the British Mandate of Palestine following the outbreak of the 1936-1939 Arab revolt in Palestine. Concluded that Arab/Jew interests were irreconcilable in Palestine. Divided Palestine
headgear of the Ottoman administrative elite; banned by Local resistance committees
Checkered head cloth that became a symbol of Palestinian national identity
the body of Jewish residents in Palestine, before the establishment of the State of Israel
Jewish terrorist group committed to driving the British out of Palestine
United Nations Special Committee on Palestine
investigated conditions in palestine, suggested the termination of the British mandate and granting the independence of Palestine
Dayr Yassin
Palestinian village near Jerusalem that had claimed neutrality but was massacred by Zionist militant groups
David Ben-Gurion
He was the first prime minister who on May 14th declared the Jewish state of Israel.
Plan D
formulated by haganah leaders in 1948 as a military program for the defense of new jewish state, but it later was used as a systematic clearing of arabs "ethnic cleansing"