What program did NASA launch with the ESA
International Space Station
The Gulf War
(1990-91): Iraq attacks Kuwait, Hussein thinks no one will stand up to him; UN condemns act; USA leads an international coalition (France, GB, and other Arab States) to defeat Iraq, worried over Hussein's control of 20% of world's oil reserves and potential to attack Saudi Arabia; Hussein stays in power until 2003
What are the positives and negatives of a global economy?
For: peace through trade, raises standard of living, creates jobs in emerging countries, promotes investment in less developed countries, and creates a sense of world communityAgainst: creates conflict because of an inherently unfair system, benefits developed nations disproportionately, takes jobs from high-paid laborers in developed countries, benefits those who already have money, erodes local cultures
How have computers affected the way people gather information and communicate with each other?
More jobs are offered in the information industries. Multinational corporations have been formed. People can now work from home. There have been advances in science and medicine.

Trade with other countries has grown.

What was the original use for the internet?
It was meant to link scientists so they could exchange information about research.
How have economies changed since World War II?
Manufacturing of goods shifted from developed nations to emerging nations because it provided them with a constant source of cheap and eager labor.
What problems arise with economic growth?
It leads to soil erosion, deforestation, and destruction of natural habitats
How does a country oppose free trade?
a spread (nuclear weapons to other nations)
Why was the Universal Declaration of the rights of man created?
conflicts among racial, national, religious, linguistic, and cultural groups often led to human rights violations
What was the United States and Soviet Union's first cooperative project?
the docking of a US and Soviet spacecraft in orbit
Who were the first to send an international crew into space?
International Space Station
The ISS; A continuously manned space station in which research would be conducted in microgravity; Russia, as well as 15 other countries participated in its development.

Its construction was halted due to excessively heavy pieces of the ISS that would need to be hauled into space.

What did NASA and ESA work together on?
launch of the Hubble Space Telescope
A vast network of computers located all over the world and linked to one another.
How did the internet transform the medical field?
microscopes, lasers, MRIS, ultrasounds, catscans, etc.
genetic engineering
A technology that includes the process of manipulating or altering the genetic material of a cell resulting in desirable functions or outcomes that would not occur naturally.
A process in which a cell, cell product, or organism is copied from an original source.
green revolution
A shift in agricultural practices in the twentieth century that included new management techniques, mechanization, fertilization, irrigation, and improved crop varieties, and resulted in increased food output
What is an example of scientific knowledge which prompted great progress that led to new industries?
What was technology's effect on information industries?
it decreased the need for factory workers while increasing the need for educated information workers
global economy
A financial interconnection among the countries of the world.
free trade
international trade free of tariffs or trade barriers
General Agreement on Tariffs and trade
international treaty that committed signatories to lowering barriers to the free flow of goods across national borders; led to the World Trade Organization
European Economic Community