Cognitive Learning
involves mental processes such as attention and memory, says that learning can occur through observation or imitation and such learning may not involve any external rewards or require a person to perform any observable behaviors
Edward Tolman
explored hidden mental processes and conducted experiments that were not reinforced
Cognitive Map
a mental representation in the brain of the layout of an environment and its features
B.F Skinner was ? cognitive learning
B.F Skinner
" As far as I'm concerned, cognitive science is that downfall of psychology" His believed that psychology's goal was to study primarily observable behaviors rather than cognitive processes.
In favor
Edward Tolman was ? of cognitive learning
In Favor , but at first all for observable behaviors.
Albert Bandura was ? of cognitive learning
Latent Learning
learning that occurs but is not demonstrated in behavior until its application becomes useful
The learning-performance distinction
learning may occur but may not always be measured by, or immediately evident in, performance
Albert Bandura
focused on how humans learn through observing things
Social cognitive learning
results from watching, and modeling and does not require the observer to perform any observable behavior or receive any observable reward
Bandura's Bobo doll study
a group of children watch an adult modeling aggressive behavior - as a result these children played more aggressively than the group of children that had not seen an adult modeling aggressive behavior