1st Friday
deadline to move off course waitlist
2nd Friday
deadline to add course with instructors permission
3rd Friday
ISE major application due and data analytics and supply chain tracks due
4th Friday
deadline to drop course without receiving a "W" and last day to submit grade forgiveness petition
10th Friday
deadline to drop course and get a "W"
Application to Major
apply by 3rd Friday, have necessary courses, based ephr, cphr, and a personal statement
cumulative point hour ratio; all grades taken at osu
eligibility point hour ratio; pre-ise major courses
ephr courses needed completed/enrolled in
engr 1181 and , physics 1250 and 1251, English 1110, math 1151 and 1172/ cse 1223engr 1182, engr 1100, math 2568, stat 3470 = not calculated into ephr
registration for classes
buckeyelink, enrollment appointment, schedule planner, financial responsibility statement, course enrollment permission form, waitlist polices, deadlines
Waitlist polices
chem/math/physics: go to lecture for 1st week, check buckeyelink daily for any openings, waitlist becomes inactive after 1st Friday, must go to department on following Monday 1st come 1st serve basisother: during 2nd week, can add course with the instructor's permission, need form and give to advisor
Grade Forgivness
2nd attempt must be same course at OSU, up to 3 courses, petition submitted no later than 4th Friday
Math and Stats Learning Center
Cockins Hall
Physics Tutoring
Smith Labs
Younkin Success Center
math, physics, chem, 7p-9p in Younkin
Dennis Learning Center
Younkin Success Center
Counseling and Consultation Services
4th floor younkin success center, Lincoln tower
Engineering Career Services
199 Hitchcock
Advising Appointments
Walk-in: 5-min questions like dropping course, getting signature, submitting formappointments: more in depth like course planning, exploring majors, probation information (advising connect)
Walk- in hours
8:30-11:30 and 1:30-4:00; first two weeks, every Thursday, 4th Friday, 10th Friday
Lean and Six Sigma
lean: eliminates wastesix sigma: eliminates variation/defects