Colonists did not like treaty of paris 1763 because...
More restricted on land War debt
To pay for war british did what?
Raise taxes especially on colonial trade Wool, hats, molasses to regulate trade in mercantilism way -->angers colonies
Why were colonists made by taxes?
Lack of representation
Sugar act 1764
Imports from Caribbean from .6 to 3 Gave Brits right to try colonial smugglers
Steal act 1765
All prints must have a stamp that as expensive Effected rich people the most
Stamp act congress
Boycott British goods First coordinated action by colonies United way
Committees of correspondence
Organized dissidence against acts Helped boycott and become aware of liberties and uprising
Sons of liberty
Coordinated action
Declaratory act
Repeal stamp act, but says England is the boss and maintains power or tax
Charles townshed
New taxes stops smuggling Encourages boycotts
Artisans gained $, merchants lost $ BC they need imports/exports Effective
1773 tea act
Cheap tea given to colonies Angered colonists because tea was about identity -->Brits could tax anything
Boston massacre
1770 Colonists killed
Boston tea party
Colonists dressed as Indians and dumped tea to show anger Thought Brits would back down but just got mad
Intolerable acts
Passed after tea party Sparked revolution
MA governing act
Curtailed independent governing
Quartering Act
Forced colonists to house soldeirs
Quebec act
Extended boundaries of Quebec and granted Catholics tolerance (bad for awakening)
1 continental congress
1774 Philadelphia Not included Georgia (12/13) Resistance against intolerable acts Encouraged domestic manufacturing First government of America Began to think about freedom Talked about rights of English, and inalienable rights of human Natural law
Revolution was ______ independence war
1775 Minutemen At concord and Lexington began war (shot shard round the world) Not all colonists promoted independence
Bunker hill
Colonists lost but Brits suffered major casualties
Charles ingles
Saw revolution as combo on monarchy and republicanism Disagreed with independence
Olive branch petititon
Said colonists wanted to be English Americans
Thomas paine
Wrote common sense in 1766 Liberty Honesty Love Contributed to American sentiment of being special 150,000 copies Ridiculed Christianity
2 continental congress
6 months after common sense Signed Declaration of Independence