an economic system based on open competition in a free market, in which individuals and companies own the means of production and operate for profit
an economic system (Europe in 18th C) to increase a nation's wealth by government regulation of all of the nation's commercial interests
Hernán Cortés
Began his expediton from Vercruz with 600 Spainards, a few guns adn 16 horses.He wanted to overthrow the Aztec empire. Becaome Ruler of the kingdom of NEw Spain
Moctezuma II
Lived in Mexico
Francisco Pizarro
(1530) Set out to conquer the Inca. (of Spain) Went on to slaughter thousands of Incas.
encomienda system
Assinging the taxes and labor of local Indian poputlations to Spainsh collolist who were also to convert them Christianty if possible.
Charles V
Holy Roman Emperor and Charles I of Spain, tried to keep Europe religiously united
Philip II
son of Louis VII whose reign as king of France saw wars with the English that regained control of Normandy and Anjou and most of Poitou (1165-1223)
Martin Luther
German theologian who led the reformation
The remission from the temporal penlty of an absovled sin from good works
John Calvin
Went beyond Luther. aguring that God grants grace to whoever he felt.
A chruch that Henrey made