Four factors of production:
land, labor, capital, innovation (entrepreneurship)
How were the agricultural and industrial revolutions connected?
less farmers which led to more working industry employees
2 reasons population increased?
more food was being produced, better sanitation, lower death rates
2 countries that industrialized quickly to keep up with other countries?
Russia and Japan
How is the industrial revolution connected to imperialism?
with imperialism, the government takes over more resources. Therefore, more industrial production can happen
How did Sergei Witte (Russia) and MacDonald (Canada) help with industrialization?
they encouraged foreign capital and the building of railroads
What tsar freed the serfs?
Alexander II
Who was the leader of industrialization and restoration in Japan?
Meiji era/period
Group that met to address the debt of France
Estates General
Who made up the second estate?
Leader of Jacorban party and leader during Reign of Terror
Robes Pierre
Area of life that Napoleon improved?
Area where Napoleon made no reform?
women's rights & censorships (freedom of speech)
Policy by Congress of Vienna that put back monarchy
Policy of legitimacy
Events that lead to Napoleon's downfall?
invasion of Russia & Britain
Women who wrote women's rights book/article
Olympe de Gouge
Who wrote the laissez-faire (market will guide itself)
Adam Smit
Who approved/wanted to overthrow communism?
Karl Marx
2 good things about industrialization:
more jobs, cheaper & better products
2 negative effects of industrialization:
poor working conditions, low wages for workers
Wilberforce gained reform in?
the abolition of slavery
Who led the Zionist movement?
Theodor Hertzl
Jewish soldier targeted by Hertzl?
Alfred Drewfus
Others who fought for women's rights
Woolstencraft & John Stuart Mill
Why didn't Latin America prosper?
political instability & lack of industrializaiton
Military dictators that replaced republics?
Who helped lead the Mexican Revolution?
Led la Reforma:
Benito Juarez
Who was overthrown b/c money going straight to him and not the people?
What was the "Eastern Question"?
the Ottomans
What was the "Woman question"?
Work in or out of the home
Leader of Latin American movements (independence)?
Bolivar and San Martin
Padres that were hanged (led the Mestizo class)
Jose Maralos
What was unique about Brazilian independence?
it was done peacefully
Which Latin American country received all British investment? (they specialized in cattle)
Who led the revolution in Egypt?
Muhammad Ali (not the boxer)
Name two conflicts that were a symbol of china in decline?
Opium wars and taiping rebellion
One reason both china Japan and ottomans and Russians were all in decline?
Military weakness
Who was the czar that pulled Russia out of the Crimean war?
Alexander II
Name of reformer of the Ottomans?
Young Turks
Military corp that killed the sultan?
Corrupt president in Mexico:
Porifio Diaz
Why did Canada have difficulty unifying?
Religious differences