Egypt society
Very equal in gender classes; divorce was allowed, women were included in any legal settlement in court
Egypt economy
Based on agriculture and trade Produce was their currency
Egypt technology
Created papyrus Used irrigation to extend the reach of the Nile beyond to other crops
Egypt arts and literature
Developed hieroglyphics 3100 BC Pyramids
Egypt religions
Polytheistic based society with sea-leading God of sun Pharaoh was believed to be the living incarnation of Ra
Egypt interactions
Located on the banks of the ankle and surrounded by desert
Egypt politics
Based on a monarchy (pharaoh) and a cast of priests
Mesoamerica society
Common to capture and enslave neighboring tribes Women were responsible for raising young and keeping up the house
Mesoamerica economy
Based on agriculture and tribute from conquered peoples
Mesoamerica technolgy
They had stone covered roads and bridges Built building on rafts- Made with reeds and hardened dirt- called chirampas
Mesoamerica arts and literature
Developed hieroglyphics like Egypt
Mesoamerica religion
Polytheistic based society Human sacrifices to please the gods
Mesoamerica interactions
Located on the yuca ran peninsula and part of Guatemala
Mesoamerica politics
Consisted of city-stated governed by ruling class and power was inherited Kings were divine beings demanding tribute from other conquered lands Consisted of Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas
Mesopotamia society
Villages produced for elite urban people who offered military protection, markets and stuff in return Patriarchal
Mesopotamia economy
Society based on agriculture Traded through bartering
Mesopotamia technology
Invented irrigation systems, canals and the wheel Iron weapons
Mesopotamia arts and literature
Developed written language called cuneiform
Mesopotamia religion
Polytheistic and animalistic Influence the gods with gifts
Mesopotamia interactions
Located alongside the Tigris and Euphrates rivers
Mesopotamia politics
Kings ruled city-states as monarchy (Hammurabi) Code of Hammurabi was law for empire
Indus River valley society
People were born into social classes that could not be changed over time
Indus River valley economy
Based on agriculture and trade with Mesopotamia
Indus River valley technology
Cities were built on mud brick platforms to prevent floods Ziggurats- pyramid shaped temple buildings
Indus River valley art and literature
Their language is still undecipherable
Indus River valley religion
Theocracy Polytheism
Indus River valley interactions
Indus River valley was rich with silt and flooded regularly allowing irrigation and widespread agriculture
Indus River valley political
Monarchy with King however priests were respected even more
Huang he River valley society
Slaves were main source of manual labor- treated cruelly Very patriarchal, with women being inferior and having to obey men and raise children
Huang he River valley economy
The Silk Road was a major trade route Based on agricultural society of wheat, millet, rice, grapes, peaches...
Huang he River valley technology
Harvest silk through silkworms Jade and bronze trade materials
Huang he River valley arts and literature
Lots of literature- books of history, change, and a book of rites
Huang he River valley religion
Polytheistic society Believed their ancestors lived in the spirit world and could curse or bless them
Huang he River valley interactions
They were and isolated people with not much trade
Huang he River valley politics
Kingdom was divided into different territories that were ruled by aristocratic warlords