John Kennedy
35th president of the U.S.
econmic problem the U.S. faced at the end of Eisenhower's second term
Richard Nixion
republican candidate in the 1960 election
John Kennedy
democratic candidate in the 1960 election
television and the civil rights issue
2 factors that decided the 1960 presedential election in favor of Kennedy
2 obsticles this president had to face was that he was the 2nd youngest president in history, and a roman catholic
September 26, 1960
on this day 70 million TV viewers watched the 2 candidates debate
70 million
how many people watched Nixion and JFK debate on telivision?
this cadidate was coached, so he looked and sounded better on TV. This was a deciding factor in the debates.
Martin Luther King Jr.
Kennedy got this man out of jail, and won the votes of African Americans
the number of votes Kennedy won the 1960 election by
Marian Anderson
opra singer who was invited to Kennedy's inauguration who had once been banned from sinnging at constitutional hall because she was black.
The Kennedy Family
the public was facinated by these charming, graceful and glamours people
"Third World" Countries
developing nations not allied with the US or USSR
Flexible Response
Kennedy increased defense spending in order to boost conventional military forces (non-nuclear forces) and create and elite branch of the army called the Special Forces. Also trippled the nuclear capabilites of the US.
Fidel Castro
Cuba's communist leader
trade barrier against cuban sugar
how did the US respond to Castro converting Cuba to a communist country
Fulgencio Batista
former dictator in cuba that the US supported and that castro toppled
Miami, Florida
where the counterrevolutionary movement began against Cuba and Castrof
Bay of Pigs
The CIA trained an army of cuban exials hoping it would trigger and uprising that would overthrough Castro. It was a disaster. They faced Cuban and USSR troops and when the fiasko was over the US had to pay $53 million in food/supplies in exchange for captured exiles
$53 million
how much did the US pay in food/supplies in exchange for captured exiles after the invasion of the Bay of Pigs?
did the invasion of the Bay of Pigs succeed?
Cuban Missile Crisis
Cuba had soviet missles pointed at the US and could reach cities within minutes
Cuban Missile Crisis
JFK was criticized for practicing brinkmanship, and on the other hand, for not using the opportunity to attack the USSR during this event
Nikita Khrushchev
USSR primier (dictator) after Stalin
what did the USSR want the US to do in Berlin?
did the US leave Berlin?
Berlin Wall
concrete wall topped with barbed wire that divided the city in 2
Hot Line
phone that allowed Khrushchev and JFK to communicate should another cricis arrive
Limited Test Ban Treaty
banned nuclear testing in the atomosphere
Eisenhower Warning
because of the military's need for arms it began to take over economically and politically and the US needed to be careful
May 5, 1961
Alan Shepard became the first american to travel to space
Freedom 7
rocket that took shepard into space
New Frontier
JFK's metaphor for the Americans being "new Pioneers" exploring "uncharted areas of space and science"
were JFK's new frontier ideas succesful?
the congress didnt support the new frontier with enough ________ for it to be succesful
Popular Mandate
clear indication that voters approve a politician's plans
did JFK have the popular mandate?
dispite his lack of popular mandate, JFK did get the congress to approve of giving the department of defense a ___% budget increase
dispite his lack of popular mandate, JFK did get the congress to approve of raising minimum wage to $______ per hour
unemployment insurance
dispite his lack of popular mandate, JFK did get the congress to approve of extending __________ __________.
high unemployment
dispite his lack of popular mandate, JFK did get the congress to approve of providing assistence to cities with _____ ___________.
what was the percent of unemployment during Kennedy's time in office
deficit spending
what did Kennedy push for to help the recession?
Peace Corps
program of volunteer assistance to the developing nations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America
Alliance of Progress
offered economical and technical assistance to latin American Countries
Yuri A. Gagarin
who was the first person in space?
send a man to the moon
what was Kennedy's idea to counteract the Soviets sending Yuri A. Gagarin to the Moon?
communications satellite relayed live TV pictures accross the atlantic ocean from europe to maine
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
what does NASA stand for?
Cape Conaveral, FL
where did NASA construct new facilites?
Huston, TX
where did NASA construct their control center?
The Other America
Michael Harrington's book that profiled the 50 million who scraped by each year on less than 1000 per person
Michael Harrington
who wrote "The Other America"?
"the national assult on the causes of poverty"
Kennedy orders this to confront the problems the US had at home
November 22, 1963
when was JFK assasonated?
Lee Harvey Oswald
JFK's murder
Jack Ruby
this nightclub owner shot and killed Oswald
Warren Commission
investigated and concluded that Oswald shot the president while action on his own
Kennedy's Advisors
they were "The best and the brightest"--Bundy
McGoerge Bundy
National Security Advisor
Robert McNamara
Secretary of Defense
Dean Rusk
Secretary of State
Kenneth O'Donnell
Special Assistant
Robert Kennedy
Attorney General
Robert Kennedy
who was the presidents closest advisor?
what was Robert Kennedy's relationship to the president?
what did Castro advertise himself as?
what type of goverment was Castro turning cuba into?
Freedom Fighter
what did americans see Castro as?
what percent of the Cuban population went into exile?
Dean Rusk
"We were eyeball to eyeball and the other fellow blinked"
Berlin wall
Reasons the ______ _____ was built. - 3 Million East Germans (20%) had fled to West Berlin = free of communism - The refugees advertised the failure of Communist rule - Their departure weakened the economy of East Germany
Lyndon B. Johnson
VP that took over when Kennedy was assasonated
where was JFK assasonated?
Governor Connally
also was shot and wounded, was in the car with Kennedy