potentially deadly viral illness
Nicola Sacco
an anarchist who was convicted of murder
rising prices
creditor nation
a country that owes less money than it is owed
Warren G. Harding
Republican President
Red Scare
fear of communism
rising prices
what was one cause of labor strikes in 1919
the united states
which nation was the worlds economic leader after the World War I?
a return to simpler times
in 1920, American voters elected a President who promised
falling food prices
the postwar period was difficult for farmers because of
senators who opposed the league of nations-treaty of versailles (willing to negotiate)
repayment for war damages
a fleet of ships traveling under protection of each other
peoples right to choose their own government
senators who opposed the league of nations in any form
Vladimir Lenin
leader of communist revolution in Russia
about how many American troops served in combat during world war I?
on the Western Front
Where did the American troops do the most fighting?
The Paris Peace Conference denied self-determination to the people of
The League of Nations was ineffective
What was the result of the US Senate's refusal to approve the Treaty of Versailles?
Western Front
section of French border that was critical to winning the war
British passenger ship
soldiers killed, wounded, and missing
illegal weapons and other goods used to fight a war
Francis Ferdinand
heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary
ethnic diversity
When World War I began, President Wilson wanted the United States to remain neutral because of the nation's
the invasion of Belgium
Which event was most influential in turning American public opinion against Germany?
the Zimmerman Note
What was the immediate cause of the US entry into World War I
use its influence to try and end the war
American internationalists thought that the United States should
Bernard Baruch
was the head of the War Industries Board
Selective Service Act
authorized a military draft
George Creel
was the director of the Committee on Public Information
Espionage Act
banned certain printed materials
Conscientious objectors
People who refused military service for moral reasons were called
Great Migration
was a movement of African Americans to cities in the North
regulation increased
Which of these best describes the impact of World War I on the American economy
it limited freedom of speech
what was the effect of the Sedition Act
it broadened job opportunities for women
how did World War I change the lives of American women
by creating jobs in the North
How did World War I contribute to the Great Migration?
passed the selective service act
4 million us soldiers
were sent to europe
council of national defense
created federal agencies
Bernard Baruch
headed WIB
Herbert Hoover
headed food administration
food administration
set prices for agricultural products, encouraged farmers to produce more food
encouraged public support for the war
George Creel
headed the CPI
Jeanette Rankin
only woman in congress, opposed the war
Jane Addams
formed women's peace party and woman's international league for peace and freedom
Vladimir Lenin
took control of Russia, signed a peace agreement with Germany
Compiegne France
Where Germany eventually surrendered
went to Versailles France for a peace conference and presented 14 points
League of Nations
Wilson's 14 points were rejected EXCEPT
Treaty of Versailles
on his death bed, senate rejected the
Women and African Americans
lost their jobs to returning soldiers
General A. Mitchell Palmer
launched Palmer raid in 1920
ACLU (protect people's rights)
Palmer raids led to