won the presidential elections of 1920 on a platform of normalcy
Warren G. Harding
convinced people that the US was threatened by political violence
The Red Scare
complete government control
lenin's forces
The Reds
former landowners, government officials, and army leaders
The Whites
when the Reds had triumphed and their new nation was?
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
an intense fear of communism and other extreme ideas, bothered the US
red scare
a supreme court case that dealt with mailed letters to men drafted for war, urging them not to report to duty
Schenck v/s US
man convicted of breaking the espionage act, in which he appealed claiming the free exercise of speaking freely
Charles Schenck
stated that the government was justified in silencing free speech when there is a clear and present danger to the nation
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
had not had a pay increase since the start of world war 1
the boston police strike
statedd that there is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, or anytime
Calvin Coolidge
claimed that the strike was that of commuist, the corporations private police force killed 18 strikers and beat hundreds to stop the strike
steel and coal strikes
a policy of avoiding political or economical alliances with foreign countries
a program in which the nations of the world would voluntarily give up their weapons
a movement favoring native born americans over immigrants
a numeral number on immigrants from each foreign nation
what was the worst scandal of Hardings administration
the teapot dome scandal
the secretary of interior that accepted huge bribes to grant private leases on naval oil reserves located at teapot dome, wyoming
Albert Fall
a policy of government not interferring in private business
laissez faire
15 nations that agreed not to use the threat of war in their dealings with one another
the kellog brand pact
hoover nominated by the representatives and won in a landslide due to coolidge's prosperity
election of 1928
depends on a large amount of buying by consumers
the consumer economy
a system that let customers make partial payments at set intervals over a period of time until the total debt is paid
installment plan
made automobiles more available to the mass market
henry ford
henry fords first version of the light weight gas powered car
the quadricycle
a manufacturing process in which either worker does one specialized task in the construction of the final product
the assembly line
controlled the businesses that made up the phases of a products development
vertical consolidation