The title is big and bright to catch your attention. The certificate is 18 and the sign is not as big but it is still visible so you can acknowledge that fact that there may be scenes that are unsuitable for viewers under the age of eighteen. This may also give you an insight into what the film may actually be like because it has that certificate, so you realise it isn't a documentary about train spotting seeing as the hobby itself is quite boring.

It shows you there is more to it than just train spotting and in effect makes you want to watch it. Next to that there is a box and inside it says "From the makers of Shallow Grave." This to show you that because that film was a successful film this should be too.There is five characters standing next to each other. They are numbered #1 to #5 with the name of the characters written vertically below their numbers.

They are posing in a way to give you an idea of what kind of character they are or what kind of attitude they have in the film. Here are their descriptions: #1 Begbie is wearing a chequered golf top with the sleeves rolled up as if expensive golf tops are common wear.He has a large George and the dragon medallion ring on the middle finger of his left hand. You can see this because he has the index and middle finger on his left hand are stuck up at the camera. He has a cigarette sticking out of the right side of his mouth with a cheeky smile.

He has a bushy moustache and a dark, greasy, longish, combed back hairstyle and it's a little curly. He is standing sideways, kind of skinny with his head and eyes directed at the camera. I think he maybe a Mexican American. His overall appearance gives the impression that he is someone who does a lot of wheeling and dealing whether it is legal or illegal, and doesn't care about any one or anything but himself.#2 Diane is wearing a shiny, skimpy, sequin dress. She has dark, left side parted hair down to her jaw and tucked behind her ears.

She is pulling a grin that is bearing all her teeth. She is leaning forward and slightly to the left with her arms by her side and her hands behind her thighs. Her appearance along with her stance gives off an impression that she is quite boisterous, and the way she is dressed make you think she goes to night clubs and other social events.#3 Sick Boy is wearing a business like suit. He has his blazer buttoned up though his tie is slack and the top buttons on his shirt are undone. He has his right arm up in the direction of the camera with his thumb up and index and middle fingers together out straight as if to imitate a gun.

With scruffy light hair, a weird smile and a mysterious look in his eyes he has a rudimentary yet psychotic look about him.#4 Spud is wearing large square glasses. I can't tell whether the jacket he is wearing is denim or leather because of the way the picture has been taken in black and white but I think it is leather. His shirt is barely visible by the way he is standing. He has dark receding hair and his eyes are wide open and he's pulling a grin that is not quite the same as Diane's but more of a smile.

He is bent forward pretending to play the guitar. He's looking at the camera but his head is directed slightly to the right and slightly up. His general appearance gives the impression that he is quite out-going, quite a poser and my opinion is that he looks a little camp.#5 Renton is wearing what I would call alternative clothes like tight shirt and trousers with weird patterns on them though you cant see much of the characters trousers because the picture only goes down to just below the hips. There is not much of an expression on his face because he is dripping wet with water.

He is cuddling himself with his fingers under his armpits. He has short, dark, spiky hair. I think by the way this photo of this character has been taken, it is trying to show you that he is a drug addict due to the adverts for the drugs anonymous in the 1980's where it show a similar picture.I think this film is designed and aimed at people between the ages of 20 to35 because of the picture of Renton and how his picture has been taken for people of that age to recognise the it from the drug adverts in the 1980's. Otherwise I can't see any other signs of it being aimed at a certain age.

 The purpose of this poster is to make you want to watch this film and attract viewers. It also has to be better than posters of other of the latest films.Its to make you look get a small idea of what the film might be about and if the films promotional poster is good enough it will make you want to go and watch it. My opinion is that it is not very catchy but if I stopped to look at it I would think it is quit a good poster and I would go to see it. Its overall effectiveness I don't think was that good simply because it wasn't colourful enough and its picture wasn't too amazing or spectacular.